Around Key West

Upper left top – the inevitable “Eat it Raw” photo near the docks. In high school I wore a shirt with this image and they made me go home and change. Upper left middle – a view of Duval street from the 2nd level of the Hard Rock Cafe. Left bottom – they came to our hotel and cut all the coconuts off the palm tree and then cleaned everything up. We appreciated it the next day with high winds. Right top – a view on Duval street as the night heats up. Middle bottom – a large cruise ship along the docks. Lower right – the frozen drinks on tap on Duval street. Someone walked by and shouted “You can’t drink all day if you don’t start in the morning!”

Don’t know what it was about Key West but they had a lot of odd cars. I like Red Stripe because I always associate it with hanging out on the beach and relaxing so a truck full makes me very relaxed.

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  1. Ha ha I was going to stick my head into one of those cut out bodies like they used to have at “Eat it Raw” to prove I was there with a newspaper like a ransom note but forgot.

    I also did not get a tan so no proof there, either.

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