8 thoughts on “Happy Belated St Pat’s Day”

  1. Carl,

    The Twins are going to kick the snot out of the White Sox per usual this year. (I figure you’re in training for baseball season)

    I suppose you could be a Cubs fan.

    If you are, then you have my sympathy.

  2. I am, insanely enough, a Cubs and Sox fan although this ends up with no end of ridicule.

    I have very good Sox season tickets (part of a set) and I will be going to lots of games this year.

    The Sox are “all in” and we intend to beat the Twins, although we usually end up on the other side of that ledger.

  3. Carl,

    Sorry for the delay, I’ve not had the chance to follow up.

    Do you get a kick out of Ozzie, Gardenhire and Leyland? I look at the rest of the league, and, are there any other managers as colorful as these three?

    Do you holler “Serenity Now” a lot during the Cubs season? Do you go into every season thinking “This is their year?”

    One can never count out Detroit, Chicago or the Twins in the Central. All of them are pretty good organizations.

    As for you liking the Cubs and the Sox, having you been checked to make sure you’re not bi-polar? Talk about mental whiplash…

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