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A blog is one of the most effective means known to consume an individual’s time. OTOH a group blog leverages network effects and therefore is able to consume the time of many individuals.

   – ChicagoBoyz Illuminatus

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. I wonder if we could pioneer a theory of ‘Blog Fission’ (hereafter refferred to as Blo-Fish)?

    In the standard fission model, an individual atom has a neutron fired into its nucleus, breaking the atom apart, releasing energy and releasing several more neutrons. These neutrons then strike other atoms, multiplying the fission effect ad infinitum.

    In the Blo-Fish model, an individual blogger has a finite amount of time wasted on blogging. By adding other bloggers, we increase the mass of the blog and thereby increase the amount of time we waste responding to each other. When enough bloggers are present, the site attains critical mass, at which point *all* of time of *all* of its members is completely wasted. The otherwise useful energy of all the bloggers is thereby converted completely into heat and dissipated as a bunch of hot air.

    Nobel Prize, here I come!

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