Image hosting

I now set up my own website so I can host images from there. Jonathan offered to host my images via Chicagoboyz, but I don’t want to hog the space when my ISP offers some for free anyway. I tried the Yahoo photo service and Geocities first, for they are free too and don’t require the use of FTP programs, but they cut way down on the image size and don’t let you directly link to your images.

Update: I replaced the original one for a smaller image. Sorry about the inconvenience.

9 thoughts on “Image hosting”

  1. Ralf, did you really mean to put a 4 MB image there? The broadband-challenged might be irritated. Anyway, I recommend ‘Gallery’ (, a free application written with PHP. It’s pretty cool, and automatically resizes your images for you, so visitors can browse thumbnails and then drill down to larger (or originally sized) version of your photos, if they like.

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