8 thoughts on “Beyond Parody”

  1. It doesn’t offend me, it’s just silly. These people adopt trappings of this or that belief set, never understanding the ideas, purely as a fashionable pose. This year it’s the ruffled mini and faux-Kabbalah; next year it’ll be umbrella hats and bowdlerized Suffism. It’s the same with the politics. One year it’s “anti-sweatshop,” the next year it’s concern about ozone, etc., etc. It’s only a problem when they get involved in politics, because then they can do real damage. I’d just as soon they stuck with the mystical bullshit, which is at least amusing to read about.

  2. That’s a very difficult question. If you cease production, who will fill the rest of my order for 8 dozen shirts?

  3. I assume that the “rabbi” will be as legitimate as the rest of the deal. Maybe he’s the sort of new-age clergyman who changes affiliations as the needs of his clients change.

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