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  1. Dan, I think that’s fried plantains (right, Jon?) – very good thing, I like it.
    Jon, THAT doe not look like eggs. Decidedly.
    OK, tomorrow I’ll take a picture of my morning omelet, for fair comparison.

  2. Plantains, yes. Very tasty.

    “Brown sauce” was beans, eaten on the tortilla with cream from the other cup.

    The eggs were excellent, scrambled with tomatoes. There is more than one good way to cook eggs.

    The photo does not do the meal justice.

  3. In my experience, darkly- fried things (in vegetable oil), like plantains, plus hard-t-digest beans plus even dense corn-flour bread plus fatty dairy like wedge of cheese are quite heavy on the stomach. Especially at breakfast.
    I have to say you’re right: the eggs on the photo didn’t really looked like eggs – I thought it is something made with corn flour, sort of polenta but Salvadorean; rather plasterlike-looking.
    True, eggs could be cooked in endless variety of ways (Escoffier counted at least 120, f.i)

    Here’s mine, as promised.

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