There is no John Kerry

The BBC, quoting one Sergei Lopatnikov writing for Russia’s Russky Kuryer:

To a great degree there is no Democratic party candidate John Kerry. There is an abstract “anti-Bush” candidate who has been compelled, in accordance with the US electoral system, to take on human form and assume a human name…

The weakness of his positive programme, his sombre mien, so unusual for an American… and finally, his unique, from the American point of view, potential first lady, create the impression that Kerry is not destined for victory at all.

(Hat tip: Wretchard.)

5 thoughts on “There is no John Kerry”

  1. Kerry is the Seinfeld Candidate and the convention was a show about nothing.

    Dems usually try to hide their agenda, but this was a particularly oblique gathering. You would never know Kerry voted for the Use of Force Resolution, for example.

  2. Bouya.
    Kerry is attempting to run as the other candidate, or in my book, the last man standing. Depending on which polls you read, nothing may or may not be enough to keep W to a single-term presidency.

    Ironies of all ironies, it’s interesting to think of W as the REAL candidate, and capt’n komeback as the non-substanitive alternative.

  3. They’re really playing up that “we will be able to tell the terrorists: You will lose and we will win. The future doesn’t belong to fear; it belongs to freedom.” footage from the acceptance speech in ads down here in FL. It plays at least once every hour. If you hadn’t seen the rest of his speech you’d think the guy was Lincoln.–s

  4. That’s gotta be depressing, seeing Kerry on TV all the time in FL.

    I like how he wants to lower taxes, halve the deficit, while upping government program spending. It may make a whole lot of sense if you have a billionaire sugar mommy, or if you’re really really dumb. But for the rest of us who work within the confines of a monthly salary and budget, it just looks like looney talk.

  5. I almost relaxed to the point of thinking of Kerry as an OK guy but not presidential material. Then Lex referred me to an interview with Thomas Sowell in which Sowell reminded me why I never liked Kerry:

    TAE: You have warned that the notion of justice that comes from following established processes is being replaced in our judicial system by a more cosmic and arbitrary and emotional notion of justice, and that this amounts to a silent repeal of the American Revolution.
    Sowell: There are a few holdouts. With luck Justice Janice Rogers Brown may get confirmed in the next Congress. She’s really a fine judge. What’s ironic is that liberals say she’s unqualified. The real problem is she’s too qualified. She’s qualified enough that she may well become a factor not only on the District Court but a candidate for the Supreme Court, so they’re going to try and cut her off at the pass. And if they have to lie to do it, that’s a small price to pay because they have paid it many times before. Senator Kerry’s attack on Judge Charles Pickering really turned my stomach: “Pickering became an advocate for a cross burner.” Pickering’s objection to the sentencing was actually that the guy was not a cross burner yet got a longer sentence than the guy who was. Pickering stood up to the Ku Klux Klan when it was literally a danger to your life to do so in Mississippi. When they integrated schools down in Mississippi, Pickering sent his child to a school with black kids, which is more than most white liberals ever do today.

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