The Great American Road Trip

Today marks the beginning of what looks to be a fine summer road trip. Starting from my homebase here in Seattle, I’ll be accompanying my stalwart comrade and former co-blogger, Commander Cornflake, on a great cross-continental trek.

My destination: Washington D.C.

As a service to you, the fine Chicago Boyz reader, I shall endeavor to document this journey (internet access permitting) as I avoid the dangers of the American wilderness and outwit a countless stream of communist saboteurs.

Talk to you soon…

10 thoughts on “The Great American Road Trip”

  1. Hey, is that three-fingered hand in the middle from George Pal’s masterpiece The War of the Worlds — which featured Gene Barry’s greatest screen performance, among other things???

  2. make sure you hit yorktown. it’s a must see.
    and in case you didn;t get that last email–drop me a line when you get through chi-town. dig.

  3. Lex,

    It is indeed from a WOTW poster. I photoshopped the lettering away to produce the clean hand swoosh. Hopefully no one sues.

    I love that movie, and Gene Barry is boss.

    Lex / Seed

    I’ll have better internet access once I hit the twin cities(blowful 26k dialup right now). I’ll get in touch to schedule meetup times then


    Where are you at?


    Thanks for the advice. So far it has been unseasonably cool (never broke 85 degrees all through day one), but will keep checking on that. Fortunately, although the car we’re using is nowhere near new, it has been well maintained.

    Talk to y’all soon.

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