She Is Like Us

Back when the “protests” were raging in Madison (I hesitate to call the protests anymore – they were staged political rallies, hence the quotation marks) one and only one politician came up here to wage war. Sarah Palin.

I had a short back and forth with Lex Green on the subject. When she was up here she ripped Obama a new one at a Tea Party rally. Sarah never backs away from a fight. She simply doesn’t care how much bad ink is spilled on her name. Have you ever seen such a violent reaction from the MSM and the left (as if there is a difference) over a person? At that time Lex and I agreed that we would, perhaps, vote for Palin in the Republican primary since it looked (and still looks to me) that she is the only on in the field that isn’t a squish. How about Cain/Palin? Palin/Cain?

I saw these photos today and they are absolutely fantastic. She seems to be gaining momentum. I wonder if she will run, or if she is just in it for the money. Looking at the photos, I think she is sincere. Right now, she has my vote. I don’t give a damn if she can’t win the R primary or the general election. She strikes a chord with me.

I could be wrong, of course.

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  1. She has been the victim of a nuclear attack politically by the left. The only question is whether she could reverse her negatives with independents. One way to do that is to run in the primaries and see what happens. I don’t know if she really wants to run but this is probably part of a reconnaissance. Michelle Bachman is less impressive to me because she hasn’t been through the national meat grinder.

  2. “She is like us”….funny you should use that title as your post. I think I have Sarah Palin figured out, and why she is so polarizing, and why everyone I know in my wealthy eastern enclave hates her with such a white-hot passion.

    It’s all about the culture wars, white collar vs. blue collar. Everything about Mrs. Palin, and I mean everything, screams out blue collar…snowmobiling, and hunting, and motorcycles, and anti-abortion, and…well, everything.

    Meanwhile everything about Mr. Obama, and again I mean everything, screams out white collar…Ivy league, and golf, and carrying a book while wearing a nice suit, and….everything.

    Politics, as important as it is, runs a distant second to the culture wars.

  3. Lex – I think you are on to something but I think there is more. The Left vehemently hates her (also) because she is a woman – and a conservative woman. That is supposed to be their turf –

    Do you think Clarence Thomas was so excoriated because of his politics?

    If Sara were more like Patsy Schroeder (or pick your own liberal woman) do you think the MSM would be so antagonistic?

    Add to that she doesn’t just roll over and shrink away when attacked and you can see the reason for the bile.

  4. “Add to that she doesn’t just roll over and shrink away when attacked and you can see the reason for the bile.”

    Except that they drove her out of the Governor’s office in Juneau.

    The difference between Juneau and the White House is like the difference between the amateur theater group at the local JCC and Broadway. If she couldn’t stand the heat in Juneau, she will melt in a Presidential campaign.

  5. I have no idea what she will do next.

    I don’t know if she has a plan, or is winging it.

    She looks great in all black biker gear, and she looks comfortable in that setting.

    She left Juneau because the legal fees were killing her. It was a trap. It would have been stupid to stay so she cut the knot and left. Correct call.

    I saw that smug putz George Will say Gov. Palin cannot be president because she cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons. Horse shit. Mr. Obama should not be commander in chief, but he is, unfortunately.

    It will be good for the GOP and the country if she runs. She represents Jacksonian America, and that voice should be heard.

    I hope she does.

  6. Palin doesn’t look thoughtful – but she is. She doesn’t look like she has a breadth of vision, but she does. It isn’t just that she’s real and Jacksonian, I’d trust her interpretation of American exceptionalism and her interpretation of America’s priorities. I’d trust her with the bomb – hell, she’s got a son in the service. And she wouldn’t put him under the command of the corrupt UN.

    One of the first things I remember hearing about her was one of the bloggers looked through the family’s tax returns and remarked at how thoughtful they were about money. They began retirement savings at an early age, had lined up their priorities given the size of their family, the need of their last child, and the nature of his work. Maybe it is, well, middle-class of me, but I trust people that do things like that and I don’t trust them when they don’t. The academics I know that don’t pay social security for their full-time babysitters and then complain because the women should take more feminist and independent routes are beneath disdain. The thought that we are being governed by the likes of the Obamas with her “make work” job at Chicago and Timothy Geitner with his phony tax returns makes me furious – if that’s white collar (and for some it is) then I don’t think we need it.

    But I also don’t want to listen to the hate-filled, angry, misogynist, vulgar, and veering into the violent rhetoric against her for the next years. She seems willing to tackle it. More power to her. I’ll vote for her, even work for her. I feel as many people I’ve talked to have when they admitted it – they want her to run because they don’t want to give in to those assholes that are against her, but they also don’t want to watch that anger boil – they are afraid of it. And I have a sinking feeling that the people whose jobs will be largely altered and in many cases disappear are just the same people who, instead of blaming the bubble in education loans and the mess in many of the humanities, much of the social sciences, and all of the “studies,” will see their lives limited by Palin and her ilk. They will call it anti-intellectualism, but, of course, it is nothing of the kind unless you want to define intellectualism as mouthing inanities. However, I suspect that their confused feelings about Palin, their disciplines, their lives, etc. is likely to lead to something that may become violent and for sure will become pretty horrible. (And if you think that just because those groups strongly fight the 2nd amendment, then you’ve forgotten what any animal does when it is cornered.)

  7. Robert – Lexington Green is spot-on. I read her book and Alaska law provided for the state to defend legislators against lawsuits – but there was no such provision for the governor. Her staff was mired in FOIA requests too.

    That’s another problem with our legal system – anyone can file a lawsuit and the defendant is stuck with having to pay to defend himself.

    If we had a “loser pays” as most of the world – if the plaintiff fails to win he has to pay for the defendant’s legal fees – there would be a lot fewer frivolous lawsuits.

  8. I believe it is Atlantic running an article “The Tragedy of Sarah Palin” that pretty much says what needs to be said.

    Who Sarah Palin is today is as much the consequence of the mismanagement that was the McCain for President campaign than anything else, and the people around here who are in love with the idea of President Sarah Palin are probably more in love with an image than the underlying reality.

    I actually thought Governor Palin was on to something in Alaska. The enviro-notion is to not develop any serious energy resources (oil, gas, nuclear) any time and anywhere. The Big Oil-notion is “Don’t tax me, bro!” The Palin version of the Third Way was step on the toes of the enviros by promoting the development of energy resources, which is pretty much the only thing they have going in Alaska, and to also “take on Big Oil” by taxing those energy resources to richly fund a Welfare State.

    Hence Sarah Palin was very much a kindred spirit of “maverick” John McCain, and if you think that Sarah Palin is a latter-day Ayn Rand, well, I think you are dreaming.

    The other thing about Sarah Palin is that she “took on” the Republican Establishment in Alaska, which has been pretty much synonomous with Big Oil and pretty much in the “Don’t tax me, bro!” camp. So not only does she have enemies in the MSM who see her as the Pro-Life poster mom and grandma, she has enemies up and down and inside and outside the Republican party, and she has made those enemies for her Third Way thing, not for being a Rand or Ron Paulean Libertarian purist.

    The folks around here in Chicago Boyz seem to be lead by their passions rather than by their sense of reason — first Scott Walker was The Man to Be President, and now that Mr. Walker has announced that he is more concerned about the July State Senate recall election and doesn’t want to even think about the potential Republican pickup of Herb Kohl’s US Senate Seat, I guess Sarah Palin, who came to the Capital Square to yell back at the lame-brained protestors, is now The Woman to be President.

    It seems that people in the Right Blogosphere are angry and they are enthusiastic about people who thrive on confrontation, be it Mr. Walker or Ms. Palin in the role she has taken on.

    In my opinion, Sarah Palin is a damaged political brand, not because of Ms Palin personally, but because her appeal is all about passion, and I see no discussion of what kind of vision and what cohort of advisors she would bring to the White House. Passion in some sense is good, and passion is powerful, and the current occupant of the White House is all about passion and not much reason, and the way forward is to identify an anti-Obama who is reason focused. But that is not where the Right Blogosphere is at, and just as in our pout over Bush, McCain, TARP, RINOs what have you we got Mr. Obama elected, and the rate things are going I see us getting Mr. Obama re-elected.

  9. sarah palin is running the cain/santorum/bachmann brigade. as opposed to the george will endorsed: romney/pawlenty/huntsman gaggle of squishes.

  10. I am more than a little bit of a political animal. As such, I have watched her closely since she was selected to be McCain’s VP. I had heard about her, all good things, before; but I was blown away when she came on the national scene.

    As you may have gathered by what I have said here before, and by the books I have recommended; I believe that we are at a cusp that will determine whether such a thing as our Constitutional Republic can and will survive. In these times, if we are to survive as a Constitutional Republic, it is vital that there be someone in the political arena who is willing to fight to that end. Sarah Heath Palin is the only, repeat only, person who is willing to actually stand up and fight for the traditional conception of what our country is and should be. The rest of the presidential body politic to the right of Obama that is currently in the mix is gormless, goolie-less, and makes Monty Python’s “Brave Sir Robin” look like a member of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group.

    If we don’t have someone who will fight politically, then I fear that we will be involving Clausewitz; specifically, Book I, Chapter 1, item 24. The issue will be in doubt.

    There is merit to the class distinctions being made; albeit less sociological than political. The pollster Rasmussen, among others, has posited existence of a “Political Class” that crosses party lines and includes the bureaucracy and its dependents. They are, in their own view, the ruling class. Sarah’s candidacy is [after the Madison, Wisconsin speech I am sure she is running] going to be against not only the Democrats, but also the soganannte “leadership” of the Institutional Republican party. They have decades of documented history of stabbing their own conservative base in the back. They will do it again.

    Here in Colorado, I have seen the Republican party willingly yield Federal House and Senate seats to the Democrats rather than support a Conservative who won the nomination.

    In 2010, the TEA Party candidate won the Republican governor’s nomination. The state Republican party promptly found a Republican who was willing to change to the Constitution Party, and paid the CP off to install him as their governor’s candidate. They they supported and funded the CP candidate over their own duly nominated candidate, knowing that it would throw the race to the Democrats. It did. They were quite pleased with themselves over it.

    I have an acquaintance who is an Alabama State Committeewoman. She is always pushing for a commitment to support whoever the Republican Party nominates. They do not understand that if the Republican Party deliberately sabotages or betrays Sarah, if she runs in the general, the way they have done with pretty much every TEA Party candidate that they have been able to get away with; then for as long as electoral politics are in play there will be a third party. And the smallest of the three may well be the Republicans.

    I’m pretty sure that Sarah knows that she will be drawing fire from both major parties. And George Will’s comment was nothing less than a warning that he and the likes of Karl Rove will be delivering that fire if Sarah wins the nomination.

    Subotai Bahadur

  11. I’ve liked Palin as a politician, and as a person (within one’s ability to judge personhood from afar) since day one. She is honest, determined, and has an interesting low key competitiveness that I don’t think the left can figure out: yet another reason why she is vilified by them. A career woman is supposed to be single-minded and dowdy: the Hillary Clinton, Elena Kagan pants suit type, not—horrors!—a smiling, engaging and appealing middle-aged woman with a whole mess o’ chilluns AND a governorship.

    More to the point: they vilify her because they know she can win among the red staters, middle class and nonliberal voters. They threw the tired, “Look at how STUPID that Republican is!!” routine at her, just as they have with every single Republican presidential candidate since at least EIsenhower.
    As an educated individual, with a doctorate and all the blah blah blah letters after my name, I’ve met at LEAST as many educated idiots as uneducated ones. The difference is, most commonly: at least the ignoramuses tend to recognize that they’re not the sharpest knives in the drawer; the educated ones are almost impossible to deal with.
    I’ve said it before in various ways, but I’ll gladly repeat it: I’d take a randomly selected twelve restaurateurs and plant managers over Obama, Biden and his cabinet to run the exec branch hands down. Palin? Wildly superior to what we’re working with now. But the liberal intelligentsia learned their lessons from Goebbels well: keep repeating that lie, until you make it the truth. I fear the established truth among the liberals may poison hr chances: but by God, I’ll gladly support her through primary season and beyond, if she makes it.

  12. “Karl Rove will be delivering that fire if Sarah wins the nomination.”

    i think sarah wants herman cain(or rick or michelle) to win. effs up rove/will/krautman/bushies.

  13. Who Sarah Palin is today is as much the consequence of the mismanagement that was the McCain for President campaign than anything else, and the people around here who are in love with the idea of President Sarah Palin are probably more in love with an image than the underlying reality.

    Paul – I really enjoyed her book. Now I’ll be the first to admit that it is her view – hence her book. But according to her the McCain campaign people would constantly muzzle her against her better instincts.

    She wanted to continue campaigning in Michigan rather than abandon it. That’s just one example. I think she was in Michigan when told to leave.

    She was shocked that someone picked Katie Couric to interview her (supposedly because the person on the campaign either was a friend of Couric or owed her a favor; I forget which) – but I will have to admit that her short answer about “what do you read” – certainly condescending and wouldn’t have been asked of Obama – could have been answered better. Those are the sound bites that can kill you in this superficial media age.

    Ginny – I too think of “Old Hickory” when viewing Palin. She reminds me of a more fiery Ronald Reagan.

    Like Reagan even a lot of Republicans don’t like her.

  14. Paul:

    Show me the post where anyone here said Scott Brown should be president. I don’t remember it, and I did not find it on a quick search.

    You do not accurately characterize the quality of thinking around here, and you are also apparently making up facts.

    If you find it, I withdraw the second comment. But it does not sound correct.

  15. “about the potential Republican pickup of Herb Kohl’s US Senate Seat,”

    delusional dude. wake up and smell the emissions!

  16. Of all the candidstes Palin is the only one who has heard Rolling Thunder and seen Rolling Thunder. Only she (of all the candidates) knows what it is and respects its values. She has friends who have Harleys and she knows that so many bike riders are police and FBI; and that many, many more clubs are formed by servicemen and women. These are people who make strong contributions to America – many are peace keeepers either as police or as bouncers or as concerned citizens.

    The rest of the candidates are like Dukakis. Unfit to ride with Rolling Thunder.

  17. Of all the candidates Palin is the only one who has heard Rolling Thunder and seen Rolling Thunder. Only she (of all the candidates) knows what it is and respects its values. The rest of the candidates are like Dukakis. Unfit to ride with Rolling Thunder.

  18. Bill Brandt – I disagree.

    The left is about emotion, stoked to a white hot level without any redemption about the reason for that emotion. Like my mother in law, who not able to throw me out of the house, after all discussion admits she”feels” her point of view.

    Without passion to stand up to this intellectual violence, those who need to make their argument will not be heard.

    Whether Palin is the vehicle for this remains to be seen, but anyone who can not command attention, will not be elected.

    Rock Lady
    South Carolina
    A Right to Work State

  19. Looking forward to a debate between The One and Sarah. And the political ads.

    “Gutsy, tough politician” superimposed over Barry riding his daughter’s bike with the geek helmet.

    Obama lecturing us (does he have ANY other voice?) about the New and Improved Healthcare, while a list of the waiver recipients scrolls down the page.

    Recite his work experience and hers, and then ask: “So, which one do YOU think has a better chance of sensibly directing the greatest market economy and greatest democracy in the world?”

    Obama lecturing us (as a mere Senator) about the wrongity wrong wrongness of the wars and President Bush, segueing into his crowing about how “WE got him”. Yes, Barry, I distinctly recall you personally breaking down the door to Chateau bin Laden to let the SEALs in….

    Sarah? Just put up a picture of her doing….just about anything. Frankly, I’d like the next candidate to call out the liberal media on the “The Republican is DUMB!” meme: how about quoting comments from NYT or Democratic candidates going all the way through Eisenhower, followed by “Y’know, for a pack of uneducated meatheads, we sure manage to win a lot of presidential elections.”

    She may get decisively taken out in the primaries. Or, not. In a well designed promary system, the commentators and Republican establishment handlers (Rove, Giuliani, Gingrich, Buchanan,….) would simply STFU and let voters vote. Unfortunately, our system is the worst one that exists. Except for all the others in the world.

  20. I like Palin for the same reason Lincoln liked Grant – he/she fights!

    That same quality was the main reason Trump zoomed to the top of the polls – he put up a fight against Obama and the media. His potential as a president had much less to do with it.

    Yes, the Republicans have potential candidates that could make better administrators but first they must fight to take power from the left. Palin is as competent as many or most but waging a long primary campaign and an expensive general election campaign to win “half a loaf” will make a poor remedy for what this country needs.

    Two people might offer a better compromise for Republicans – fighters with better chances of winning – Rick Perry and Paul Ryan. Personally, I’ll wait to see both how committed they are and how much they are willing and able to fight for constitutional principles and our shared values.

  21. I’ve been thinking about the whole white collar vs. blue collar thing.

    One thing you have to remember, is the Democrats see themselves as the Party of the Working Man. But that’s only so long as the Working Man sits down, shuts up, and goes along with the nickel-and-diming to death and shutdown of entire industries and the virtual nationalization and subjugation to political patronage of what industries are left. (See Boeing vs. the National Labor Board for one example, see the whole bit about Central CA getting its water momentarily turned back on when they voted the “right” way on the health care nationalization last year for another).

    The elites are literally implementing a hybrid late-Roman/Ming dynasty Chinese model of feudalism in the name of helping the working man, and they react viscerally to anyone who hasn’t bought the Chicago Machine Variant Neo-Confucianism Kool-Aid. Especially when they have a blue-collar background themselves.

  22. “I saw that smug putz George Will say Gov. Palin cannot be president because she cannot be trusted with nuclear weapons. Horse shit. Mr. Obama should not be commander in chief, but he is, unfortunately.”

    Seriously, do you think Obama could pass a background investigation by the FBI? Do you think he could get a Top Secret security clearance? How about a “Confidential”?

    Luckily for him, those are not perquisites of the office he occupies.


  23. All those unions everyone’s been talking about these days… they’re not really trade unions any more. They’re just company unions for the political machines of the NE cities.

    And much of the problems we have stem from the fact that these days we get to at most elect a Republican leader for a Democratic Party dominated Bureaucracy/political machine.

  24. I think we are at an inflection point in American history. The comparison of Sarah Palin with Andrew Jackson is good although he had a longer experience. He was also robbed of the presidency by the “corrupt bargain” that put Adams in the White House. She will face similar opposition from the governing class. If anyone here hasn’t read Angelo Codevilla’s essay on “the governing class” should do so.

    The reason why I support her, albeit with reservations that I hope will be dispelled, is that she will fight and she knows who the enemy is. We had a chance to fix what is wrong in the 1990s but Newt Gingrich decided to line his pockets with his book deal and then waffled to gain favor with the Clinton people. That was a wonderful opportunity lost. Gingrich should STFU but he is an egomaniac, like most politicians.

    The Couric interview was a disaster, largely due to the McCain campaign’s errors. She was not put with friendly interviewers to get used to the format. That woman, whose name I forget now, who lined up that first interview is still appearing on Fox News as a Republican pundit. She is about as Republican as Kathleen Parker who makes her living as a fake Republican for the press.

    I just hope Sarah has been spending some time on national issues. I have read she is a quick study and she was devastating in debates in Alaska. She actually did better than Biden in the one debate they had and he escaped only by lying which is difficult to rebut in that format.

  25. The media appear to be unaware or unimpressed with the “Rolling Thunder” event’s association with POW/MIA activists.

    This is more important than discussed.

    Among those concerned about POW/MIA issues, both Senators Kerry and McCain are distrusted. Both are accused of “destroying evidence” regarding POWs held by the North Vietnamese after 1975.

    Note: it’s not a matter of truth. It’s a matter of trust. Truth or ugly rumor either way, McCain was NOT supported in 2008 by this tiny, but ACTIVE, bloc.

    Palin, obviously, is mending fences. If she gets buy-in from this bunch, she swings them and their families and in-laws, outlaws and stay-at-homes back into the voter pool; all newly leaning her way.

    Sharp. Forward-thinking. And not understood by those elites for whom “honor” is merely rhetoric.

  26. I hope she runs because the rest of them make me sick and I have it up to here with petty calculation and electoral math. If she runs, she’s got my vote. If she runs and someone else gets the nomination I will vote against Obama, whoever it is, but without enthusiasm. She will run against both parties, which is long overdue. It probably won’t work, but it it needs to be done.

  27. She is more than “like us”. She is who I wish I could be.

    A serious campaign by Palin could be a catalyst for the brief period of violent upheaval I see in the near future for the United States. Or it could be the antidote.

    Timing is everything…

  28. Please please have her run. I wanted Trump/Palin 2012 but I guess that’s gone. Palin is the perfect model for America. A snowbilly grifter, The Quitter.

    I hoped for McCain/Palin last time but was disappointed.

    It’s fun to watch Obama turn to the ‘dark side’ but you can do better.

    Palin/? 2012.

    America … you are only good for entertainment now. Bibi was great …. more!

  29. Predictable nonsense from our resident Canadian troll PenGun.

    Even more predictable was Paul Milenkovic. Every time I posted something on the Madison “protests” Paul said – and of course I paraphrase – Oh Walker is doing too much he is upsetting the other side and won’t win again. Now it is Oh No, Palin is saying all the wrong things. “Her appeal is all about passion” he says.

    Well, you know what, f*ck it. I am tired of all of these Republican fakers. We need people to do things. And if they get voted out next time, well so what. At least we tried. We have to try, the republic deserves at the very least trying. Palin seems like one of those that will try. Walker certainly is. And nobody on this blog has ever said one time that Scott Walker should try to be president. Lex Green correctly said that we need a “monster Scott Walker” – maybe that is Palin. Time will tell.

    I would rather fight and go down with the ship than let the ship sink on its own. Screw it. If Palin runs, she has my vote.

  30. Nonsense maybe but this mixed metaphor seems even more ridiculous to me:

    “I would rather fight and go down with the ship than let the ship sink on its own. Screw it. If Palin runs, she has my vote.”

    When your ship is going down fighting is maybe the last thing you should do. It does not work on sinking ships. This may be your problem, the fighting thing. ;)

  31. Yes, PenGun, nobody knows more about what works in a capitalist liberal democracy than a guy from a parliamentarian nation, with a population the size of Wisconsin, where thanks to nationalized healthcare, where you need to wait 6 months for a prostate exam.

    BTW: Most Canadians that I know have a better handle on English grammar than you. You might want to work on that.
    Canada? Great place. My father’s family spent 100 years in Quebec. My mother’s family, 200. Glad they left to live in a country, instead.

    Oh, now: there I go, being unCIVIL. Here’s something else uncivil: STFU, you Iceville troll. We’ll select our candidates, rather than the parties selecting them for us, and we’ll live with the result. That’s how actual countries do it as opposed to, y’know, Nauru, Greenland and Canada.

  32. Tyouth, is that quote from Groucho or Karl Marx? Just wondering…

    I would like to see a candidate who actually wants to accomplish what is outlined in the Constitution and only that. It’s the bureaucrats that need to be defeated. I suspect any conservative will face difficulty with the entrenched political class. I want someone who is willing to call people out by name for stonewalling or obstructing the dismantling of the gargantuan tentacles of a government designed to keep the same people in power. Subsidies, regulations, red tape, etc. all in place to stratify our country. I want a fighter.

  33. i won’t be voting for any squishy GOP candidates, ever again. McCain was the last one for me. i will be voting for SP regardless of the names printed on the ballot.

  34. Jeff, Groucho; Apocryphal, although I was channeling the spirit of Groucho while thinking about pengun comments.

    Like you, although I don’t feel I have to apologize for voting for McCain (unlike Obama supporters who aren’t totally mind dead or totally beholden to government largess) I do feel pangs of regret.

    I am a bit surprised myself to be supporting Ron Paul at the moment (gonna buy a bumper sticker anytime now). The main reason is that I believe he believes what he says, even though I am not convinced about a lot (quite a lot) of what he has said. No matter: the US Pres. is super influential rather than all powerful (just ask B. Obama what happens to most of your plans when electoral success meets the governing reality). We need strong medicine and Paul might have it. Unlike his R. opponents, he does not have to craft his position quite as much beforehand, his philosophy is well known and well thought out. He knows what he thinks. He is in the wilderness now but (reminiscent of Churchill in 1940) he may be the person needed at a particular time and a particular set of circumstances.

  35. “Oh, now: there I go, being unCIVIL. Here’s something else uncivil: STFU, you Iceville troll. We’ll select our candidates, rather than the parties selecting them for us, and we’ll live with the result. That’s how actual countries do it as opposed to, y’know, Nauru, Greenland and Canada.”

    Wonderful. Methinks you do protest too much. Your example, outside of your own press, is losing to almost everything.

    I guess the need to fight renders all other forms of useful action moot. As you lose your dollar as the currency of record, coming soon, and as your standard of living falls even further behind the rest of the world perhaps you will have a enlightening moment. Perhaps not.

    I do get a lot of amusement from your political process. So much excitement, rhetoric and money expended over several years and it makes no difference at all who wins. The people who run your country have made sure of that. A Palin/? 2012 win will just create a great deal of amusement worldwide but would not change a thing.

  36. “PenGun – sounds like you are scared of Palin like most leftists. I bet she could kick your ass.”

    Sweet. I don’t live there so she does not scare me. If I did she might.

    I am old, 65 very soon, but I still squat and deadlift a bit less my weight, about 175, on a regular basis. I’m at 160 these days. My last medical to keep my class one license in BC required the doctor to test how strong I was so I picked him up. He was about 180. I passed. I was at one time a reasonably good street fighter as well.

    Still she does seem to be in good shape, I’m just the wrong guy for her to fight with.

  37. PenGun Says:
    May 30th, 2011 at 7:47 pm

    The American spirit hailed from a sinking ship, “I have not yet begun to fight.” – well maybe something else was said. But those are the words that reverberate.

    And that all American, “Never tell me the odds.”

  38. “PenGun = Mr. Atlas. Who knew? And who cares?”

    Almost nobody but you did posit the question.

    To go a bit further my landlady has her own Harley. Many of the women in my part of the world own their own bikes. Joan of Anchorage sits in the bitch seat. Sorry but that is what it’s called.

  39. 65 years old and still full of childish nonsense. sad, very sad. isn’t there some local tavern you can go to and talk about yourself (instead of here)?

  40. Certainly. I can go hang with the boys (hell’s angels) at the bar if I want but I’ve never been much of a bar fly. This is fairly serious biker country here. They don’t have the scotch I drink either so it’s rare.

    You people really can’t see through that ridiculous woman can you? Snigger.

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