6 thoughts on “ChicagoBoyz Grand Champions”

  1. Mission Viejo High School had a 4H program when I moved there in 1972. Like so many healthy activities for kids, I don’t think it is active any longer. I used to see cattle grazing when I drove to the office. No more. Too bad.

  2. 4H is still alive and well in this part of the world, and both of my kids are involved. A very good organization, and good to teach the kids responsibility at an early age. They may show chickens at the fair next year.

  3. My favorite part of the Indiana State Fair was touring the barns where the critters were primped and polished before their show. Hooves were polished, I watched. Curling {or straightening} irons were used as needed. Warm baths with shampoo and blown-dry hair were common.
    God made some beautiful creatures. These kids were not putting lipstick on pigs.. even figuratively.
    They were all proud of their accomplishments, and rightly so.
    The odors brought back so many memories, and I think they regularly sluiced the pig pens to minimize their effect on the ‘ambiance’…
    Some of those cows and bulls were astonishing large. Really. The strangest sight to see was the 2-ton being led around by the 6-year-old kids. Some were tearful when their pet was auctioned off, headed for the knacker. I think the cash helped…

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