8 thoughts on “With friends like these. . .”

  1. Bush’s numbers are looking good in recent polling.

    But he seems to be running way behind among crucial swing voters who spell America with a k. I think the latest numbers are 95 to 5 in favor of Kerry, with the 5% going to the rotted corpse of Che. Even more worrying for the President, he is behind 99 to 1 with those who spell America with three K’s.

    He’s simply got to improve those numbers.

    Or not.

  2. Che is like, totally cool, man…

    More seriously, not sure what this obviously thoroughly research political slogan really means. Re-defeat Bush….like in 2000 ? So Kerry gets the popular vote and Bush the White House ?…

  3. I’ve seen pins with the “re-defeat …” message.

    Judging from the angry-entitled-transgressive demeanor of the wearers, it’s an inside joke that unfortunately escaped.

    Great point, Sylvain – I think they think they mean “this time WE win”, but then …

    Other countercultural messages I’ve seen in Park Slope, Brooklyn (where you CAN be CC and still own a $1.75MM brownstone):


    printed on a multicolored banner.

    “ALL WAR IS TERRORISM” – this worn by someone still sporting a Kucinich pin.

  4. I noticed the dweeb has a FLORIDA license and do that have those dumb SAVE THE WHALE bumper stickers? as well and do they belong to one of those eviromentalist groups? wow what a weirdo

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