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  • With friends like these. . .

    Posted by Jonathan on September 28th, 2004 (All posts by )

    Another Karl Rove plot?

    John Kerry’s secret weapon, no doubt. It would be a grave error to underestimate the numbers and political influence of ex-USMC officers who have Che stickers on their cars and spell America with a “k”. Oh yeah.


    8 Responses to “With friends like these. . .”

    1. Jim in Chicago Says:

      Bush’s numbers are looking good in recent polling.

      But he seems to be running way behind among crucial swing voters who spell America with a k. I think the latest numbers are 95 to 5 in favor of Kerry, with the 5% going to the rotted corpse of Che. Even more worrying for the President, he is behind 99 to 1 with those who spell America with three K’s.

      He’s simply got to improve those numbers.

      Or not.

    2. Sylvain Galineau Says:

      Che is like, totally cool, man…

      More seriously, not sure what this obviously thoroughly research political slogan really means. Re-defeat Bush….like in 2000 ? So Kerry gets the popular vote and Bush the White House ?…

    3. Captain Mojo Says:

      From the Marines I’ve known, I’d guess that this guy’s not real popular at unit reunions…

    4. keith macdonald Says:

      I’ve seen pins with the “re-defeat …” message.

      Judging from the angry-entitled-transgressive demeanor of the wearers, it’s an inside joke that unfortunately escaped.

      Great point, Sylvain – I think they think they mean “this time WE win”, but then …

      Other countercultural messages I’ve seen in Park Slope, Brooklyn (where you CAN be CC and still own a $1.75MM brownstone):


      printed on a multicolored banner.

      “ALL WAR IS TERRORISM” – this worn by someone still sporting a Kucinich pin.

    5. Anonymous Says:

      copy mojo.

    6. Richard A. Heddleson Says:

      And a crucial voter from the battleground state of Florida to boot.

    7. j.scott barnard Says:

      But dude, like, I got laid from wearing a Che t-shirt one time, man… Who was he, anyway?

    8. seagull Says:

      I noticed the dweeb has a FLORIDA license and do that have those dumb SAVE THE WHALE bumper stickers? as well and do they belong to one of those eviromentalist groups? wow what a weirdo