Message From Planet Barbra

Jeez, what an idiot. Her tone is hysterical, her assertions are wrong and her premise (the press is intimidated but she isn’t?) is ridiculous. I can’t explain her apparent belief that she will succeed in SPEAKING TRUTH TO POWER where lesser mortals fail. Maybe where she lives they don’t have Google and people still get their news from the afternoon paper. Whatever. Call me reckless but I don’t think she’s going to change many voters’ minds. I can’t imagine how Dick Gephardt was able to put up with this kind of nonsense when he was fundraising in Hollywood.

I gotta knock it off with the posts bashing lefty fools. It’s just too easy. I would say that it’s like shooting fish in a barrel, but it’s really more like fishing in a barrel with dynamite and the fish are already dead.

4 thoughts on “Message From Planet Barbra”

  1. I blame drugs. Yes, drugs, alcohol…and having those amplifiers turned up too high at concerts. I’m afraid poor Babs’ brain is now complete tapioca.

    It is my fervent hope someone will endow a Babs Streisand Memorial Home For Politically Deranged Artists, Acrobats, Entertainers And Commentators. With love and psychotropic drugs, we can get Babs, Bruce Springteen, Maureen Dowd and Dan Rather the help they need. Perhaps a government program? NEA funded?

  2. George Soros has been making (well, roughly, given the difference in tone and language, etc.) similar arguments – that Bush has not allowed open opposition; this means, of course, that any subversion of facts is appropriate because these are only apparent facts since the “real truth” is suppressed. Yes, perhaps David is right and what we really need is thorzine in large quantities.

  3. She is the greatest intellect of our age. Maybe we can ask her about the “dark matter” issue in astrophysics. We should wait until after the election, of course.

  4. ya, and there are no conservatives that

    – have a hysterical tone,
    – wrong assertions and
    – who claim that the press is slanted to the liberal side

    she isn’t going to change many voters minds.. but I doubt u are either.

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