Manolo blogs!

Yes. The shoe stuff doesn’t do much for me, but the guy has a sense of humor, and who can object to photos of the pretty chicas? He even links to us. Such a mensch.

(via Jeff Jarvis)

9 thoughts on “Manolo blogs!”

  1. That is so totally great. Manolo rules. The shoe thing is OK, because it is Manolo’s thing, and Manolo is cool.

    Linked by Kudlow, then Manolo, all within a fortnight. Life is very, very good brothers and sisters.

  2. Fantastic. Mrs. Nito is a big Sex & the City fan, which makes me, by default, a S&C fan as well. What a web we weave, reminds me of that 6 degrees of separation thing. Mrs. Nito knows me, I know Jonathan, who knows Larry, who knows Manolo, who knows Sarah Jessica Parker. Funny.

  3. Sure, it could be one of his minions scribing for him, or for all we know, some guy in his pajamas typing away in his basement. But it’s funny whoever wrote it. If it is him, good to see that he isn’t a crazy hollywood liberal. There’s hope yet…

  4. Does it really matter which Manolo is this Manolo? He is our Manolo. He is a Manolo for the ages. We must not discourage Manolo!

  5. If this Manolo is not THE Manolo, so much the worse for that other Manolo. The Manolo who blogs, the Manolo who is so funny on his blog, yes, I prefer that one.

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