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  1. OK that is like one of those old pictures where the obvious is buried in detail – but I finally got it….

  2. Love it! Quite the habitat!

    There is a group here in Northern VA that will provide property owners a nice plaque reading “Wildlife Habitat”—or something like that—if the home owner doesn’t mow or pick up their yards. As you may guess, these folks aren’t loved by their neighbors as the yards are, by and large, eye sores.

    My father-in-law has a large brush pile in his backyard along the fence line and quipped that someone from this group had seen the pile and offered him a plaque…he said he thought about it, but wouldn’t give up keeping his yard the nicest on the street (which it is on a street of very well-kept yards).

  3. @JSS – some of the hippies here in Madison do the same thing, let their yards go back to “prairie state” or some other such nonsense in the middle of the city. It looks ridiculous and guess where all the vermin and bugs hang out?

  4. I’m with DHL, what is the joke? Is this supposed to be in a location where habitat restoration is inappropriate? Speaking as someone whose country home includes two acres of meadow, one acre mowed, and the meadow is full of wildlife, and very welcoming to my gundogs.

  5. I think the joke is that, except for right around the sign, it *has* been mowed. Though it’s hard to tell from the picture, it look like not very neatly and I took it for grazed pasture which made it not make sense for a minute. That’s why I noticed the area around the base of the sign, animals would have eaten that.

  6. Maybe I’m commenting too much today, but this reminded me of something that happened in Cincinnati about a decade ago.

    Somebody got the idea of not mowing the medians etc. of I-74 so they put up signs that said something like, “Natural Prairie Restoration Project” or some such.

    I laughed out loud the first time I saw it. This area is not naturally prairie. Turn your back on a piece of ground around here and it will turn into a deciduous hard-wood forest so fast it will scare you. Not what they had in mind I guess and last I checked the project had been abandoned and the mowers were back.

  7. And out here in California if it becomes a “habitat” – protecting the kangaroo rat for example – then you – and generations of future landowners to your parcel – will be prohibited from doing anything to it other an pay its taxes….

    But I like that – the Interstate median now a “habitat”

  8. Heh. I took a similar picture, although a bit cruder, after I passed by a sign near my house that said “No Dumping”…and right in front of it a horse had obviously relieved himself.

  9. Dwight – one of my favorite pictures is one of my late beloved Spitz dog, Mr. Beau.

    Now Mr. Beau was rather independent and one day I snapped a picture of him lifting his leg on a sign that said “Please Pick Up After Your Pet”

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