Angie Pontani, The Brooklyn Slide

Please note the video below, which provides important information for ChicagoBoyz readers. It contains go-go dance instruction from Angie Pontani, of the World Famous Pontani Sisters, previously mentioned here and here.

The Pontani Sisters are now touring with Los Straitjackets, including three Chicago area shows this weekend. I hope to be at one of these shows. The video shows you how to do their new dance number, the Brooklyn Slide.

Please practice at home and attain basic proficiency before trying these steps in public.

7 thoughts on “Angie Pontani, The Brooklyn Slide”

  1. Which ones? My favorites ones are Isn’t Love Grand, University Boulevard and Pacifica.

    Their cover of The End of the World, with Leigh Nash singing, is brilliant.

    Ha. I never even noticed the dog until you mentioned it.

    My attention was entirely riveted by Ms. Pontani, apparently.

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