5 thoughts on “Vivid Sunrise”

  1. And to think no 2 sunrises (or sunsets) are alike.

    My most memorable sunset was at the Club Med in Tahiti years ago.

    I was sitting on a wooden plank platform on the beach, sipping a Pinot Noir – listening to Beethoven, while miles off the shore were towering thunderclouds over a reddish water.

    If God is a painter the sky has to be His palette.

  2. Some years ago, sailing a mile or so off the Ten Thousand Islands in the Gulf of Mexico, heading for Key West. My friends went to sleep and I sailed on after a long night of carousing. Suddenly it seemed to me that, perhaps, an oil refinery must have exploded on shore and I was stunned by the notion. Of course it was the sun rising. I don’t suppose I had ever been in that much darkness in early morning and the contrasting yellow-red lights of a new day took me by surprise.

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