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  • Vivid Sunrise

    Posted by Jonathan on October 26th, 2011 (All posts by )

    This photo was taken earlier on the morning of this outing. The color of the sunrise really was that vivid.

    The sun rises over Virginia Key just East of Miami. (Jonathan Gewirtz)

    (A larger version of this image is posted at Jonathan’s Photoblog.)


    5 Responses to “Vivid Sunrise”

    1. Charles Cameron Says:


    2. Tatyana Says:

      Premonition of a sunrise. Or a warning.

    3. Michael Kennedy Says:

      I’ve got some sunsets that are almost that pretty from when I lived on the bluff above the beach. In California, they are sunsets. I’ll have to scan a couple.

    4. Bill Brandt Says:

      And to think no 2 sunrises (or sunsets) are alike.

      My most memorable sunset was at the Club Med in Tahiti years ago.

      I was sitting on a wooden plank platform on the beach, sipping a Pinot Noir – listening to Beethoven, while miles off the shore were towering thunderclouds over a reddish water.

      If God is a painter the sky has to be His palette.

    5. tyouth Says:

      Some years ago, sailing a mile or so off the Ten Thousand Islands in the Gulf of Mexico, heading for Key West. My friends went to sleep and I sailed on after a long night of carousing. Suddenly it seemed to me that, perhaps, an oil refinery must have exploded on shore and I was stunned by the notion. Of course it was the sun rising. I don’t suppose I had ever been in that much darkness in early morning and the contrasting yellow-red lights of a new day took me by surprise.