Quote of the Day 2

Caroline Glick:

Do you believe a stronger leader than Netanyahu is needed for such a change to occur?
A big problem throughout the Western world, not only in Israel, is that due in large part to the intellectual terror of the left there is a huge leadership crisis. People who actually have the strength of their convictions, the character and moral fiber to stand up for their country, are being marginalized. As a result, the people who end up getting through the vetting process of the elite tend to be without strong convictions. This is the real problem. And the answer I found is that the way to have strong leaders is to have strong people. We have to do the hard work the public demands of leadership and then I believe the leaders we need will emerge or the leaders we have will be strengthened.

4 thoughts on “Quote of the Day 2”

  1. Netanyahu may be the best they can get now but I think he is seriously flawed. Someone once compared him to Gingrich and I think that comparison is apt. His triangulation also reminds me of Clinton. He is intelligent and extremely articulate but has not been particularly principled as prime minister.

  2. The latest story with exchange of 1027 lawfully, by court due process- incarcerated terrorists for one Israeli soldier left me seriously disappointed in Natanyahu.

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