One Lefty’s Answer

Since I live in the San Francisco area, there was a radio show on the channel following football by a gay host named Karel. I left it on to hear what he said. His answer to the Democrats’ dilema?

1. Examine and talk about the personal grief George W’s victory is causing among Liberals.

2. Get back to the Democrats’ roots. This is no time to compromise with the Red states. Democrats should emphasize even more that religion has absolutely no place in American politics.

Wow, move even more to the left. That’s going to work out well… The Dem’s have no clue. I hope he stays on the air and his message gets across.

Update: As a sidenote, a belated quote of the day from Ann Coulter : “Whatever happened to all those gays who wanted to join the military? We haven’t heard a peep out of them lately.”

As evidenced by Karel, radical gays have a visceral hatred of Bush. But don’t they realize if the Islamo-fascists take over they would be among the first ones executed as degenerates?

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  1. “As evidenced by Karel, radical gays have a visceral hatred of Bush. But don’t they realize if the Islamo-fascists take over they would be among the first ones executed as degenerates.”

    Actually I think most gay folks are very aware of the fact that lot’s of folks in this world who aren’t too keen on their lifestyle and hate them. I don’t think many gays wrote in an “Islamo-fascist” name for president on their ballot last Tuesday.

  2. First, the comments of one gay radio commentator in San Francisco can hardly be taken as indicative of the mood or inclinations of democrats as a whole. To draw an assumption like “The Dems have no clue” from this is absurd.

    Second, there are plenty of gay men and women in the military already, and more joining. Ann Coulter certainly won’t hear a peep out of those who have died fighting for the country over the last year and a half.

    Third, I highly doubt that the Islamo-fascists will be taking over San Francisco anytime soon. Is it possible to dislike Bush and Islamic murderers at the same time? Just wondering.

  3. I may be alone in this but I’d like to see the Democratic party stop pretending to be something it isn’t and just be honest about what it IS: the party of Howard Dean, Michael Moore, Ted Kennedy and Ralph Nader. The proud party of Big Government that believes it can make your life better by taking money from rich people.

    I think our political process suffers from having one side of the debate absent. I don’t want this just because I think it would lead to huge electoral victories for Republicans, I want it because the Democrats’ feigned move to the center has forced Republicans to do things that nobody who calls themself a Conservative should ever consider: Huge tax-payer funded give-aways to farmers and senior citizens, the doubling of budgets for previously endangered departments (under the “Contract with America”)like Education, Energy, Commerce, and even the friggin’ NEA, generally spending money like drunken sailors in order to buy votes to stay in office and maintain their committee chairmanships, loving Washington and wanting to stay there as long as possible and running up a huge deficit.

    The blurring of the ideological lines between the parties that started in 1992 has had the perverse effect of turning the Republican party in the party of Big Government. Ironically this has happened because special interest groups formerly un-attainable by Republicans have become real enough possibilities that the Repub’s figure they can buy just enough of their votes to get over the top. A decade ago no self-respecting conservative would ever have thought to vote for a huge farm subsidies or a brand new entitlement for seniors becasue those groups voted monolithically Democratic. Now with the blurred lines there are just enough votes there to be worth going after.

    Ironically the strategy of Bill Clinton and DLC types was to move the Democrates to the center and reap the benefits for decades to come. The problem is that they thought the GOP wouldn’t react and do the same thing. What they really did was put soem of their untouchable special interest groups in play.

    I don’t like it. Where are the heartless, mean-spirited, ruthless ogres who wanted to eliminate all of the regulations on business, starve children and become filthy rich on the backs of the working class? I miss those guys.

  4. I don’t know MM. Who are among the Dem’s leaders? House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D) San Francisco… Kerry, Dean, Moore, Daschle, etc etc. There is very much a gay agenda in action. The agenda doesn’t represent the average “traditional” Democrat, but the agenda is being driven by the party’s leadership. I should phrase it better and add that the Democratic party has been hijacked by ultra leftists.

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