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  1. Ahh..but alas..poor Margeret forgot to mention an important point…liberals are perfectly fine with hatred….just as long as you hate the right people.

    As I’ve grown to believe over the past 10 years or so…to many liberals it’s more important to APPEAR to be not racist or bigoted that it is to ACTUALLY not be so….

  2. Margaret Cho is a vile disgusting pig. Whenever I see her on tv or read about her in the news, I want to clench and break something.

  3. I apolgize for the pig comment. Not very enlightened or insightful. But I stand by the vile disgusting comment with regards to her actions. Fair adjectives imo, if you hear what she has to say.

  4. Well, those of us on the right need to constantly guard against complacency, constantly ask if we are becoming too smug. I don’t, understand, however, the reality in which Cho lives; for instance, “However, these are hard times for the GOP, and they cannot afford to be choosy when it comes to registered voters.”

    I would have thought her side would need to ward off despair, try to steady themselves and retain core values when all the evidence seems to question their validity. Of course, this does seem to come from a tendency to project on the other one’s own faults (a tendency we all have, perhaps, but this seems to have taken that tendency a bit far.)

  5. “As if a newly married gay couple would ever choose to live in a trailer park. They pump up these Bible thumping, cousin humping genetic mistakes with hot air and propaganda which sends them into a mullet fantasia of pink triangles and rainbow flags, and convinces them that their tax dollars will be used to foot the bill for Elton John and George Michael’s wedding.”

    …And we’re the haters? Nice.

  6. When I was pretty irritated about Kerry’s remark that he “understood” Mary Cheney better than Bush and Elizabeth Edward’s comment the next day that clearly the Cheneys were ashamed of their daughter and didn’t love her, my son-in-law defended them, asking what we may have suspected but even the Kerry campaign wasn’t stupid enough to say: did I think that “you” (the Republicans) should get all the bigot vote? Of course, it is my impression (as in Ms. Cho’s charming work) that the left has plenty of bigots of its own. What struck me at the time was that if this was their strategy it was the worst kind of demagoguery and appealed to our worst instincts. And I’m proud that my country did not buy into it. (Of course, every day I am thankful my daughter married this man, who is an excellent husband and an excellent son-in-law. I am hoping, however, that though he may never agree with, he can learn to respect the values of his “new” country.)

  7. What we need is more Margaret Cho on TV. The more people who see her spewing her poison and venting her noxious ideas, the worse the chances of the Democratic Party at the polling station. As long as the Dems continue to embrace her and her ilk, they will remain in the political wilderness.

  8. I’d rather see prominent Democrats repudiating Cho — and Michael Moore, Al Sharpton. . .

    The sooner the Dems come out of the wilderness, the better for everyone. (And I mean sincerely come out of the wilderness, with new and better ideas, not pretend as in recent elections.)

  9. I agree with Gerwitz; I voted Democratic not that long ago and they have had many good people. Not as many, of course, as they used to.

    But I want them to appeal to our best selves (as I believe the Republicans often do – though not, of course, exclusively nor always). For instance, the Democrats talk a lot about fear – about Bush trying to make us feel afraid. I haven’t felt that, seen that. I’m not afraid of bin Laden nor of Michael Moore – I just see the one as opposed to much that is good in the Western tradition and the other as abysmally tiresome (and manipulative). But part of the reason I got fed up with the NYRB was the way Pinckney was describing Bush’s first inauguration in terms of “feeling the fear.” That seemed really nutty to me. And that was, of course, what, almost nine months before 9/11.

  10. It’s not even a matter of “poison” or “noxious”….

    Take note:

    “Republicans know that there is a massive population of people who are too stupid to vote, and that no one in their right mind would necessarily want them for their constituency anyway, except perhaps David Duke. However, these are hard times for the GOP, and they cannot afford to be choosy when it comes to registered voters.

    Republicans know that they may not be able to sway anyone with their ideas on domestic and foreign policy, or their views on the economy, but they do know that hatred and bigotry are great motivators.”

    This is dated December of 2004!

    “No one in their right mind would want them”…. “These are hard times for the GOP (!!!!!)”, “They may not be able to sway anyone…”

    It’s not that this is poisonous, it’s that it is sheer, stone fantasy. It’s funny how often a line from ‘Cheers’ has occured to me of late:

    NORM: So, uh, Cliff…. just how long does it take to create that world of yours that you live in, anyway?”

    I mean, what are we to make of Ms. Cho and her ilk? I get as mad at her as I do at the drunk standing on the corner babbling random obsceneties, utterly disconected from the world.

    The only thing worth keeping in mind as one reads dribblings such as this is that Cho and others like her want to run the country…. and beyond.

    (Hard times for the GOP?!?!?!?! Say, Margaret, have you noticed……

    Um, never mind. ;-))))

  11. Ms. Cho clearly knows a lot about hatred. Not the hatred felt by others, but the hatred that she herself feels toward others. She could probably go on for quite a long time expressing her hatred, but projecting it onto others. How could someone so pathetic make me angry?

    She and others like her are taking a lot of people on a long unhappy ride. That makes me sad.

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