What do YOU want for Christmas??

If money were no object, and you could have anything you wanted for Christmas, what would you choose? What have you seen that made you think, “I’d love to have something like that. Just for the sheer, unadulterated pleasure of it.”

I’d get one of these. Of course, then I’d need one of these. I would have so much fun. What a life.

16 thoughts on “What do YOU want for Christmas??”

  1. A flux capacitor. It’s the last bit I need to get the flying saucer uh, flying. I’m tired of it just taking up space in the garage.

  2. Mike, I hope that you will not forget your good friends on this blog when the time comes for an island-warming party.


  3. Anyone buying the islands needs to budget some extra cash for a really big gun. Or an uncompromising security crew. While it’s certainly not the Straits of Malacca, the islands look pretty lonely, and there’s pirates out there matey!!

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  5. Ahhh…being an ex submariner….I can’t imagine choosing a sub for leisure activity…

    The island part is nice though….but, as someone else stated… you would need a cabal of oompa loompas or other genetically engineered security force/private army

    If i could have anything….eh…..is it too boring to say a $50 million gift certificate or check for cash?

  6. Dude, think! We’re practically on the equator there.

    We’ll have our own launch facitlity. A swim and an icy pina-coloada in a coconut by 11:00, fresh lobster for lunch, then off to space for a few hours. Back in time for sunset from the beach.

    “Honey, have you seen my spacesuit? Me and and the Cap’n are conquering Jupiter tommorow. Yeah, I guess I can pick up dinner on the way back. Hey, can you refuel the sub while we’re gone?”

  7. From the Chicago Boyz photo archive department comes this photo.

    Captain Mojo proposes his ‘Galactic Conquest Now!’ strategy to Boyz founder & self described Lord of the Outer Dominions, Jonathan G ewirtz (seated, center), while Boyz Consiglieri (and Space Attorney, 1st Class) Lexington Green looks on and appraises the legal, moral, and geostrategic implications of the Captain’s proposal.

    A partial transcript of the minutes from the meeting:

    Cap’n: …and so, Your Webmastership, upon achieving full conquest of the Galaxy, not only will you be able to realize your lifelong ambition of becoming the True Lord of the Outer Dominions, but by cornering the market on trillions of tons of nickel-iron asteroids, we’ll all become rich beyond our wildest dreams!! And this is the ship in which we’ll do it. Bwaaa-haaaaa-haaaaa-haaaaaaaa… (trails off incoherently in mad delirium)

    JG: Cap’n, get a grip. How much is this gonna cost again? Have you done that return-on-investment analysis yet? What do the futures on nickel-iron look like? Let’s see here…(rifles through papers…)

    Lex (quietly): Your Webmastership, think of our liability in the sad event of a mishap. The cost could be, ummm, astronomical. In addition, what if the first stage of the vehicle should fall astray and impact onto a nation hostile to our cause; say, for instance, Cuba? And what of the moral implications? Is it proper The Boyz should conquer the Galaxy and rule it with an iron fist as you have so often dreamed?

    JG: You gotta a problem with that? Cap’n, get me that ROI and if the numbers look good, the plan is a go. Let’s see, we’ll need a launch facility somewhere, somewhere private,…an island, maybe. Yeah, an island. We’ll call it Tropical HQ. And we’ll need security, a navy of some sort….

  8. I like the way you guys think.

    P.S. That photo is a forgery. You know I wouldn’t be caught dead in last year’s spacesuit fashions.

  9. the sub looks OK, but what about a submersible spaceship? that way, you would not have to keep moving your stuff back and forth, single stage from abyss to orbit!

  10. The transcript is a hoax. Don’t be fooled. ChicagoBoyz war-planning sessions are NOT TRANSCRIBED. Anyway, if our space junk falls on Cuba, I only hope it hits Fidel. A crater where Fidel used to be would be a nice-to-have in ’05.

    “what about a submersible spaceship?” The only one I know of was in one of Doc Smith’s books in the Lensman series. He had these ships that could go under water, fly intra-atmospheric, exo-atmospheric, or turn on their inertialess drives and go interstellar. Some kick-ass hardware. Damn, those are good books.

  11. Whatever happened to good health and immortality? Heck, at normal returns on investment I would achieve galactic domination in the (relative) blink of an eye.

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