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From Dennis Prager, one of my favorite op/ed writers:

Wish No. 2: The ACLU will create a leftist Boy Scouts.

The ACLU and other leftist groups are highly accomplished at destroying good institutions such as the Boy Scouts. But they rarely build good institutions. So instead of trying to destroy the Boy Scouts — because the Scouts require its members to make an oath to God and country and because the Scouts believe that boys and men who publicly announce they are sexually attracted only to males should not be Scouts — the ACLU should build something for boys in the image of its values. Since it is so easy to destroy, dear leftists, why not try to build? Start perhaps with a Progressive Boy Scouts that will have no oaths to God and will welcome all males who announce they are homosexual. Then one day we will see which Boy Scouts produces better people.

3 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. Yes it’s true. They sued to repeal a Virginia law requiring parental supervision for minors at a teen nudist camp, citing the right to privacy. They lost. They’re also defending NAMBLA. Really sick perverts.

  2. An important correction to Prager’s version of the Boy Scouts’ position.

    The Scouts believe that men, for whom males or boys are their preferred sex partners, should NOT be given authority over boys. That’s it. There’s no other restriction. A homosexual boy is welcome to join the Scouts. An adult homosexual can’t, because adults are given authority over the boys.

    Don’t get me started on the atheist thing. And shame on you for publishing Prager’s defamatory misstatement without comment.

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