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  • Posted by Jonathan on January 5th, 2005 (All posts by )

    Chicago Boyz hone winter debating skills: Lexington Green is followed by Mike Hiteshew, TM Lutas and the mysterious Incognito. (Not shown: James Rummel provides cover from behind treeline while Sylvain, Ginny and Andy B. joyride over Lake Michigan in Jay Manifold’s magnetic space coupe.)


    8 Responses to “”

    1. Chris R Says:

      Hey, no rollerbladers on the lakefront! Cool!

    2. incognito Says:

      Yeah, I’m still hurting from that fall. #$%# thin ice, it’s bloody cold! Who would thought there was a lake under all that snow. Gotta warn me next time Chicago natives…

    3. Andy B Says:

      The space coupe is fun, that is until you try cracking a window, which throws it into an immediate nose-dive. Something to do with disturbing some magneto-field thingamabob or something.

    4. Lorien Hiteshew Says:

      Dad, I told you to take those training wheels off…they slow you down a bit.

    5. Sam_S(ShenzhenRen) Says:

      Ooh. No icy toes for me, thanks. I prefer my riding in the tropics. Great photo, though! Anyone using studded tires?

    6. Trisha Law Says:

      Lorien?! Email me… it’s Trisha Maureen!

    7. Lori Hiteshew Says:

      Trisha, you’re email address is wrong…try contacting me at

    8. trisha law Says:

      I did! I fixed my email too. missed an a.