Facebook Again

[Bumped. I need 12 more likes. Many thanks to everyone who already clicked my button, if you will.]

Having cooled off after my last attempt to set up a FB page I have reactivated my account (because nothing is ever forgotten at Facebook) and am ready to give it another go. If you have a FB account I’d be grateful if you could click my Like button. I need 25 likes so that I can change my URL.

Thanks again.


UPDATE: If the like box doesn’t appear here, please click here to visit my page.

UPDATE 2: Mission accomplished. Thanks to all who clicked.

8 thoughts on “Facebook Again”

  1. Alternately, you could create a bunch of fake facebook profiles and like yourself, all you need is to keep creating fake email addresses (use hotmail or gmail), create the fake people and then cancel them. Not that I condone such a practice, just sayin’.

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