5 thoughts on “Red Sunrise”

  1. Chcicagoboyz story connecting the above. Gerry refers to the Tequila Sunrise drink. Back in the early 70s it was very popular, and the Eagles (Don Henley and Glenn Frey) had a hit song with the same title:

    Take another shot of courage.
    Wonder why the right words never come.
    You just get numb.
    It’s another tequila sunrise,
    This old world still looks the same,
    Another frame …

    The Tequila Sunrise drink was reputed to have been invented at the Trident restaurant in Sausalito, CA. So the next time I was in San Francisco, my friend, also a UofC alum, whom I was staying with, and I took the ferry over to Sausalito and had a Tequila Sunrise at the Trident.

    The guy on the bar stool next to me turned out to be Nick Gravanites. Nick was a Chicagoboy and a songwriter, whose “Born in Chicago” was the anthem of the Paul Butterfield Blues Band, which is, or ought to be, the official band of Chicagoboyz everywhere.

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