“Measuring the Slant”

James Q. Wilson reviews Tim Groseclose’s recent book, Left Turn: How Liberal Media Bias Distorts the American Mind. (Via Power Line.)

Peter Robinson recently interviewed Tim Groseclose here.

It’s easy to believe what we want to believe, and often we want to believe things that aren’t true. That’s human nature and it’s why empiricism is important. Many people believe that our big media impart a leftist slant to the news; many people believe there is no slant or that the slant doesn’t affect media consumers’ voting behavior. Groseclose and other researchers mentioned by Wilson have been trying to quantify media bias and its effects. So far they appear to have confirmed conservatives’ beliefs about leftist bias. Of course it’s possible that the researchers are wrong, and it will be interesting to see how other researchers respond to Groseclose’s work over time.

4 thoughts on ““Measuring the Slant””

  1. Someone believing there is no leftward media bias is akin to being in The Matrix and not having had the red pill. I see it all around me. So do many others.

    But while their reporting does affect some is it a critical mass anymore?

    I would argue sometimes – 2008 for example.

    If the media complex had treated Obama the way they would treat Republican candidates Obama probably never would have made it to Iowa.

    The LA Times would have gladly shown the 2003 Khalidi video that it refused to release.

    In a somewhat humorous story here is the Times reporting on itself:


    A game I like to play – in testing media bias for any particular news story is this:

    Turn it around and would they have done the same thing for the Left?

  2. You are confused. Your left and right are puppets on the hands of your corporate overlords.

    They play both sides of the street to achieve the domination they have most assuredly gotten over your rather strange collection of news organizations. I say strange because they appear to be extensions of your political system. This cannot be good.

  3. “Pengun” – next time try the red pill – not the blue.

    If you presumably are “not confused” perhaps you can give some evidence – or examples – of your assertion.

    Or do you just like to give wacky statements without any evidence and see what you can stir?

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