Athens in better days

I couldn’t figure out how to post these in comments so here are a couple of photos of my family in Athens. We loved it and would like to go back. I envy Sgt Mom her experience.

Here is is one view of the Plaka and the tourists- Cindy and Annie (at age 14.)

I think kids benefit from travel and especially from prolonged stays in other countries. That doesn’t necessarily qualify them to be president.

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  1. Michael/Dr Kennedy (which do you prefer?) I don’t know where you have “screwed up”. Half of the CB posts are like Rorschach tests; the other half have thought-provoking posts.

    But to your post here: As I mentioned to Sgt Mom some time ago for the things military children miss growing up – they are enriched by their worldly travel – imagine children – by the time they are 18 or so – having lived from Europe to Asia.

    So I will “assume” this young lady is the same lady seen in a Paris restaurant some years later?

  2. Yes, she is the Paris restaurant habitue. She is a senior at U of Arizona majoring in French and working as a waitress in a nice restaurant in Tucson. She has hopes of an internship with a French aerospace firm her uncle works for. One of my medical students a few years ago had a degree in French which validated it for me. Annie is a self starter and will do well no matter her background. She has been to Paris several times the past two years figuring out her logistics on her own. She is also beautiful, which helps.

  3. Thanks, MK – I used to run into other tourists, in the downtown parts of Athens, and I always used to feel so lucky and priviledged. They were there in Greece for a couple of days or weeks, but I was fortunate to live there for years!

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