“Patriotic Germans are Proud to Show How They Vote”

I’ve read that the above slogan was prominently displayed at polling places during the “elections” held during the early years of the Nazi regime. While the only definitive links on I can find on this poster are at the search summary screen here, it is clear that these elections (in 1933, 1936, and 1938) were marked by a climate of extreme intimidation, as well as the banning of opposition parties. This link suggests that to the extent people were still able to choose to vote by secret ballot, surreptitious means were used to identify those who had voted “incorrectly.”

In Venezuela, in 2003, dictator-in-waiting Hugo Chavez asserted that “those who sign against Chavez are signing against their country and against the future”, and added, “whoever signs against Chavez, there will remain his name recorded for history.

And in the United States in 2012, a tweet sent out under the name of and with the evident approval of Barack Obama said:

Add your name to demand that the Koch brothers make their donors public: http://OFA.BO/mfLtZX

(The reference is to the organization Americans for Prosperity, to which the Kochs have contributed but of which they are not officers or directors.)

Pressuring a political organization to make the names of its donors public is intimidation, pure and simple. Should Obama win a second term, you can expect the level of intimidation directed against American citizens not in his camp to rise to levels which are now almost unimaginable.

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  1. Michael – yes and if he wins…..

    All the talk on Hugh Hewitt today was the upcoming George Will Column for Sunday saying “all is lost we should concentrate on getting Congress”

    Which – I don’t get.

    Every time people have to shell out $100 to fill up their car and remember Obama vetoing the pipeline they have time to think…

    Strange water in the Beltway?

    I read somewhere that Hitler never really liked Berlin since Berliners really didn’t support him in the election – 1933 I assume.

  2. In Venezuela, in 2003, dictator-in-waiting Hugo Chavez asserted that “those who sign against Chavez are signing against their country and against the future”, and added, “whoever signs against Chavez, there will remain his name recorded for history.

    The opposition MUD recently held its primary for president and assorted local offices. Per previous agreement with the government CNE [National Electoral Commision], MUD destroyed paper records of who had voted soon after the primary.

    The Chavista Supreme Court demanded the records of who had voted in the MUD primary. This brought forth memories of 2004 and the Tascon list. The government had records of those who had signed the petition to hold Recall Referendum [held in 2004 after much delay], later known as the Tascon list. The government proceeded to make life miserable for those who had signed the petition for the Recall Referendum, such as forbidding them from holding government jobs.

    For this reason of what happened with the Tascon list back in 2003-04, oppo people were very uncomfortable with the recent demand that the MUD deliver the list of those who had voted. Fortunately, the paper records had been destroyed before the demand- per agreement with the CNE.

    Not so ironically, the Chavista PSUV had previously destroyed its paper records of who had voted in its recent primary.

    That shows how law is selectively enforced in Venezuela. That law which advances Chavez is good and enforced. That law which does not advance Chavez is ignored. Chavez says,”I am the law,” and he is correct.

  3. You can take the boy out of the Daley machine …

    but he is still a thug.


    “Dems threatening lobbyists who back GOP with tax retribution” posted at 10:25 am on March 2, 2012 by Ed Morrissey

    “… Democrats have abandoned a strategy of attracting donors in favor of threatening them, Politico reports:

    ‘Democrats on K Street are warning their corporate clients: Give to Republican challengers in the 2012 election, and you’ll regret it come tax reform time. …'”

  4. Socialists like to smear patriots as nationalists*. Never forget that nationalists stand for “love of race/ethnicity” as opposed to the patriot’s “love of country”. For example, it means ethnic Germans or Koreans living in foreign countries should feel more loyalty to their own “kind” rather than the countries they live in. That’s the exact opposite of patriotism.

    Ironically, this is exactly what Hitler accused Jews of being (more loyal to their ethnicity than to their country). But that makes logical sense if you’re a nationalist and separate people into ethnic groups…

    *Admittedly there are some nationalists out there that try to use terms like “patriot”, but it doesn’t change their fundamental belief.

  5. I gave a little money to Fred Thompson’s campaign back in 2008. Now when you google my name you can see a map to my home and a note that I did such. No more direct contributions by me.

  6. I have mixed feelings in regard to political donations to 503(c) and other non-profit entities being public record.

    On one hand, ordinary folks might require some shielding from abusive retaliation by nutty partisan co-workers, employers, neighbors etc.

    On the other, it would be healthy sunshine to focus a light on the powerful special interests, where they are donating and to which entities, In particular, the cash coming from foreign governments, including semi-hostile ones and illicit interests intended to influence our political system and public debate. While this has been going on since at least the Johnson-Nixon era, it picked up under Clinton but the MSM has been conspicuously silent on the topic since then (my suspicion is the the Democratic Party is now dependent upon illegal, laundered, foreign cash in order to remain competitive with the GOP which has dulled the appetite of the media or DOJ to investigate).

  7. Woody – during the Prop 8 fight in CA – the “Gay Mafia” – as I call them – would use contributor’s lists to harass and intimidate people who had donated to the proposition backers.

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