Quote of the Day

Tom Smith:

…Because our public political culture is mostly unwelcoming to anything but the softest left, leftish sympathies emerge like weird, buried psychopathlogies, in slips of the tongue and irrational outbursts. One of which is the simmering hatred for Israel and Jews unwilling to apologize for being such. It follows of course that nothing could be more ironic than various Israel haters accusing anyone of dual loyalty when they are, roughly speaking, the same people who could see our burning towers from our enemies’ point of view, even as our brothers and sisters jumped to avoid the flames.

2 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. Given that the folks in question saw the burning towers only from our enemies’ point of view, I don’t see much irony there. No, the irony is that if they really believed support for Israel were bad for the US, they’d approve of it.

  2. “There are people who like both the US and Israel and people who don’t like either, but few who like the US and not Israel.”

    There is a very high overlap between the set of people who despise Israel and the set of people who spell “America” with a “k”.

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