Chicago Tea Party Patriots: March 7, 2012

The next meeting of the Chicago Tea Party Patriots will take place on Wednesday, March 7 at 7:00PM at Blackie’s Chicago, 755 S. Clark Street. Be sure to order some food and/or a drink and tip generously.

There is an easy to find, easy to use $6 parking lot across the street and metered parking in the area.

“Our monthly meetings are open to all freedom loving Americans.”

The theme for the meeting will be: “The Legacy of Andrew Breitbart”. Further details will be announced.

We will also have as our featured speaker: Patrick Hughes, Conservative Republican candidate for U.S. Senate in 2010.

I hope some of you will join us.

7 thoughts on “Chicago Tea Party Patriots: March 7, 2012”

  1. The pundits in the Beltway say the Tea Party is dying – I’ll await your report!

    I suspect it is wishful thinking on their part.

  2. Definitly wishful thinking – my email inbox is full of emails from Tea Party groups. No, what scares the p**s out of the commentariat and the established parties is that the Tea Parties have moved on to local activism, instead of holding visible protests.

  3. Sgt – Dan – from my little vantage point I think there is frustration in the Tea Party movement for finding real activist candidates to run. Or stay activist once they get to the swamp.

    Some for sure are in there – Congress – but Boehner as the leader?

    Maybe it is just me.

    The beauty of this movement is that there is no 1 leader – it is truly grass roots – nobody the MSM can destroy.

  4. “… the Tea Parties have moved on to local activism, instead of holding visible protests.”

    This is precisely what is happening.

    The Tea Party is digging for a long term effort.

    The New Left did this starting in the 1960s, beginning their “long march” through all the institutions of American life.

    The Tea Party is going to do the same thing. We are looking at a generation of effort, not a presidential election cycle.

  5. It’s a very natural continuum for committed people: to start working within the system, even taking the system over, beginning from the local level and moving upwards. It’s not spectacular, it’s not something that can be covered in two or three minutes on the evening news. There’s no appealing optics, not many people saying inflammatory things … and no prominent leaders to target effectively. So – because there are no more big TP demonstrations on the evening news, those thinking superficially seem to think that’s an end to it. But it’s not – it’s just that working through the system takes a lot of work and energy, and a big demo and protest takes away from that. It’s a huge energy and time sink, which only makes a temporary splash.

    Probably this is why the establishment GOP is getting so p***y about the Tea Parties – because they know their days are numbered. The Tea Party wasn’t a nice new pony, bridled and saddled and ready to ride by the GOP seemed to think at first. No: they discovered to their horror that many committed Tea Partiers considered the establishment GOP just about as bad as the Dems.

    At one of our local TP meetings, the problem of electing new candidates, who would just go off and get sucked into the same old governmental quagmire was addressed: the feeling was – that if they did that, we’d just elect someone else, the next time around, and keep it up until they remembered who the heck they were supposed to serve.

  6. The ‘Lamestream Media’, party Establishment, Elitists, Power Whores, Greed Mongers, anti-America loons, Unions, Communists, Fascists, Marxists, etc. want it all for themselves & connected cronies & will use any tactic to achieve that goal including Useful Idiots/OWS {those willing to accept the ‘casting couch’ mandates without question}. History confirms this.

    They complain endlessly about the TEA Party not ‘complying’ with established protocols; in other words they don’t get it & can’t conceive of anyone not blindly following their ‘dictum’…’do what we tell you, don’t ask questions & NEVER REVEAL THE TRUTH’…

    They are unable to process a complete thought & generally just ‘SHOOT FROM THE LIP’ expecting all their proclamations to be accepted blindly by the obedient public.

    Thankfully, TEA Partys nationwide have thrown the proverbial wrench into the mix & started what will be a long process to undo generations of hellish damage and restore America. We just have to be ready to be in it for the long haul!

    Thank God for the TEA Partys & God Bless America!

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