Name That Breed – The Answer!

Back on November 21 of last year we played our first game of Name That Breed. There were a lot of good guesses in the comments. Below is the subject, our dog Jameson.

Well, we had his DNA run at the vet and below the fold I will put the results.

Half Airedale.
Quarter Bouvier.
Quarter Mutt with the best chance that some of the mutt is Staffordshire Bull Terrier.

10 thoughts on “Name That Breed – The Answer!”

  1. He is super friendly under correct circumstances (need to be introduced) and a perfect farm dog. Gives warnings when something seems awry. We are pretty confident that he would easily tear apart a coyote or fox if they were trying to poach the chickens as he is about 90 pounds now fully grown and has enormous teeth and is quite strong. He has already assumed a defensive stance for my wife when approached by suspicious looking or unknown indivduals and that is great as well. He just loves it at the farm. What a motor on that dog.

  2. He looks like an outstanding dog! my current dogs are both mutts, a Doberman-black tan coonhound mix, and a border collie spaniel mix. great dogs also…

  3. @Fred – for the other 25% they listed six or eight breeds and the % chance that it was in the mix. Griffon wasn’t listed but Pekingese was (only 1.6% chance) along with some other breeds I have a hard time believing so that part of the test might be a bit questionable. The Staffordshire was the most prominent listed under “other”.

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