New! Name that Breed!

Rather than posting about sad subjects such as the imminent explosion of the supercommittee or Europe’s sovereign debt problems, I choose to start this Monday morning with a bleg of extreme importance. Below is Jameson, the dog, as a puppy. We got him from the humane society.

Below the fold, you can see a couple photos of him all growed up.

This dog is extremely high energy and has a very high prey drive. He is the perfect farm dog. When my wife goes out there to feed she just lets him go. He knows the boundaries. He doesn’t eat the chickens. He basically chases anything that moves, including squirrels, birds, cats, etc. We can leave him out there all day and he won’t run away. He will walk around and play with stuff, but basically just does his job (we have surveillance cameras out there and it is fun to see what he is doing when we aren’t there).

The dog’s teeth are huge.

Inside, he is like a bull in a china shop but he is learning.

As of today he is about one year old and 75 pounds. We are praying he is done growing.

There is an endless debate between us, the vet, the people at Mounds (a feed store) and others as to what this mess of a mutt is. We think he is a Bouvier/German Shepherd cross, but others say Airedale. We have Airedales in our neighborhood and Jameson towers over them and the coat is a bit different as well. Any help out there from our esteemed commenters?

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  1. I know all about Chihuahua mixes, and he definitely isn’t one. That notwithstanding,looks like you did very well.

  2. You can do a dna match that will help, if not tell you exactly. Amazon has plenty, and googling it finds a bunch more.

  3. I think the Bouvier is close, and I can see the Irish wolfhound, too. For the coat, though, maybe some Wheaten terrier?

    (I always love a dog that looks like he’d be easier to vacuum than brush.)

  4. Definitly wolfhound for the size and face, and wirehair pointer, for the coat. Bet he really impresses potential tresspassers, too.

  5. My bassett hound also knows his boundaries and I usually put him out during the day at least once. I have a fenced back yard of about 1/3 acre but, of course, he would rather be outside the fence. Still, he is good and stays away from the road. He usually circumnavigates the yard and shows up on the other side of the house. I leave the door ajar and he comes in on his own.

    It snowed a bit last night and soon it will be too deep for him to get all the way round. It doesn’t have to be too deep for that.

  6. He looks a little like Wolfhound but he’s way too small. My Wolfhound/Shepard cross was 100lb at six months. My cousin used to raise them and she had some huge dogs, over 200lbs. My boy topped out about 165 full grown.

    If he’s 75lb at one year he will be about 100lb – 120lb full grown. You can expect growth until his ass is the same height as his shoulders. Two years to full growth is normal for dogs.

  7. In the puppy pic he looks just like a Briard puppy. Adult pics still rather Briard-ish but likely mixed with something else. At one year of age he could still grow a bit more…check his pasterns (wrists)on the front/outside part of the leg…if there is still a large bump there he is still growing, if it is smooth he is done.

  8. Bill: no he doesn’t. Airdales have short curly hair. This one looks more like a teddy bear, with his straight long fur.

    We’ll wait for the results of the testing!

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