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  1. Ten to one that nursery is owned by immigrants. That seems to be the initial bargaining position of many immigrants, especially those from Asia and the ME. It always starts with, “But I am a poor man/woman/shopkeeper/farmer/rug merchant…” It’s very effective until they learn you’ll walk away. Then they’ll bargain.

  2. I’ll take you on that bet Michael. Tree farm seems too upfront/capital intensive for immigrants. You need land. You need to either buy trees (expensive) or grow them (which takes time). The tree business also seems as low turnover unless you have an established clientelle of home builders/landscapers. I would think immigrants want high turnover businesses since it generates cash and requires relatively less upfront capital commitment. Restaurants and convenience stores come to mind. At best I’d give it 50/50 that its owned by immigrants. So given the odds you’re giving, I’ll take it.

  3. Slight correction: I’ll bet that they are not *recent* immigrants, or even immigrants 5 years removed. Since established immigrants would have had time to gather capital, etc.

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