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Bottom line is: the world has changed, we’re not living in the fifties anymore and when a tyrant is kicked out, no other tyrant can claim his place. Why? Because nothing can be done behind closed doors anymore, the whole world can watch and have a say in almost everything everywhere and the era when thugs could reach power against a nation’s choice is over. The world has simply changed and the change cannot be reversed.


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  1. Jonathan, I can scarcely believe my eyes.

    After living eight years in the Saudi Arabia of the 70’s and 80’s – leafing through blacked-out pages in Time magazine and blinking through the hatchetted episodes of Leave it to Beaver, Omar’s quote reveals the clear intellect, energy and hopes of the real Arab people.

    Today’s NewsWorld International* reports the news of new, defiant protests in Lebanon. It brings a tear to my eye. The future of Arabia is looking much brighter today.

    *Unfortunately NWI‘s site lacks an obvious link to its content.

  2. And in the meantime, those that like to sport bumper stickers that state “Don’t Let Him Steal Another Election!” continue to wallow in the therapeutic pool of self delusion.

    For entertainment go to http://www.democracynow.org/ and marvel at the cognitive dissonance displayed. You want “democracy now”? Or perhaps a name change for the organization is in order?

  3. Yes…you can pretty much replace “democracy” with “our way” in most organizations like that….MoveOn, Democracy Now – FSTV, etc, etc..

    “We want to get the common man involved in politics…..as long as they think like we do… otherwise, stay home and don’t vote you closed-minded, prejudiced, uneducated, hate monger!!”

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