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  • New Boy

    Posted by Jonathan on February 28th, 2005 (All posts by )

    Welcome to David Foster of the excellent Photon Courier, who has graciously agreed to blog with us.


    8 Responses to “New Boy”

    1. LotharBot Says:


      I was wondering who this “David Foster” guy in the comments was — that’s my pastor’s name, but he doesn’t write quite like that ;)

    2. incognit Says:

      Weclome David. I like the color design on your blog.

    3. Ginny Says:

      Welcome. Looking forward to your input.

    4. Shannon Love Says:

      Hmmmmmmmm, fresh meat!

    5. Michael Hiteshew Says:

      Welcome David.

    6. j.scott barnard Says:

      I loved reading your novel Infinite Jest.

      Also, After The Love Is Gone is one of my favorite Earth, Wind and Fire songs. What inspired you to write it?

      14 Grammies? Dude.

    7. j.scott barnard Says:

      Oh, wait, you’re the other famous David Foster. :-) My bad. Looking forward to reading your stuff. Peace. –s

    8. incognito Says:

      Must be Jodie Foster’s brother. Can you get her autograph for me? Forgot the name, but I liked her in that alien movie. Tell her I’m a big fan.