4 thoughts on “Ghosts of Hot Wells”

  1. It’s a lovely and enchanted place, Bill – I had a comission to write an article about it for a local magazine a couple of years ago. They would have paid me extra for photographs (but they never did and they stalled on paying me for the article so they are in my ‘bad book’ as an entity I don’t want to work for.) But I did get a guided tour of the ruins out of it and the chance to take some lovely pictures.
    (And I am still pissed at that magazine. OK,I am local and a writer and I do have my moments as a photog – so I should just lie back and accept being stalled for payment and then blackballed forever because I did’t roll over and accept it graciously as a lady? Yeah, I never did another article for them.)

  2. Whether you are a writer or not – you have the same problem every other small business has – used to piss me off when every month I’d have to call people asking for money for work we already did 3 months (and more) ago – At least you know if they come to you again they are aggravating so it would be understandable to ask for your fee up front.

    Which they would probably refuse so you could walk away – problem solved.

    I remember I did a big job for someone – $3500 – and then the jerk wouldn’t pay.

    And then he declared bankruptcy.

    You have plenty of company Sgt.

    From my cursory Google look-up it seems that place was really big for only 15-20 years – 1940s was the end?

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