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  • Despair in America

    Posted by David Foster on April 9th, 2012 (All posts by )

    …would be the predictable result of a second Obama term. So says Home Depot co-founder Bernie Marcus, in this video.

    via Instapundit


    14 Responses to “Despair in America”

    1. Anonymous Says:

      that’s when I take my dog, rifles and head for the mountains – or Texas to make a last stand ;-)

    2. Robert Schwartz Says:

      Only despair? How about suicidal depression?

    3. PenGun Says:

      It was not Obama who put your economy in the toilet.

      You can blame that on corporate greed. When the economy started to naturally slow your geniuses decided to push housing to the moon to keep the ball rolling. Still a major cause of your decline.

      You can also blame it on W as he started a bunch of wars and created a massive tax cut. Not good at math your country, notwithstanding John Derbyshire. ;)

      Obama has been trying to keep the ball rolling too but it’s almost worn away.

    4. Nicholas Says:

      “It was not Obama who put your economy in the toilet.”

      No but he did pull the flush lever.

      P.S. There will be some despair within your major trading partners too.

    5. PenGun Says:

      “No but he did pull the flush lever.”

      LOL. Indeed, he even appointed Larry Summers to do the actual flush.

      He had a chance to save the game but passed on it. You will find many of W’s policies that should have been canned were preserved by Obama. He really just followed along with Wall street just as happily running him as they ran W.

      I think it would have taken a much more experienced person to correctly navigate that morass. I don’t actually see anyone, who has a chance at power, knowing enough to do the right thing, appoint the right people etc.

    6. Michael Kennedy Says:

      “You will find many of W’s policies that should have been canned were preserved by Obama. He really just followed along with Wall street just as happily running him as they ran W.”

      While I don’t respect your opinions, I thought I would reply to point out that we know exactly what happened to the economy. Read Nicole Gelinas’ book, “After the Fall.” I know you won’t but you have no excuse now.

      Bush people spent hours testifying. Some of their testimony is on You Tube, along with Barney Frank’s dismissals of it. I have quite a bit of it on my blog, but then you aren’t interested in facts.

    7. PenGun Says:

      Micheal, the decline and fall of the USA is one of my principal hobbies and has been for a long time. I have educated myself in both economics and history with a view to not missing the subtleties of the event.

      I will look at your source but it just one on very many and very few of them are much use. They largely exist to cover some one or others ass.

    8. Sgt. Mom Says:

      (ahem * clears throat)
      I’m in Texas. I only have a teeny suburban house with a teeny garden. But I have friends in the real estate trade. If you want to come to Texas and make a stand, I can hook you up.

    9. Dan from Madison Says:

      It cracks me up every time PenGun cheerleads the US going into the tank while he sits up there in Canada as if the US tanking would happen in a North American vacuum of some sort.

    10. Bill Brandt Says:

      @Dan –

      I haven’t been on this blog a log time but have figured out that ‘Pengun” is ChicagoBoyz Pinata ;-)

      @Sgt – I like the attitudes of Texans on a lot of things, starting with individual rights and responsibilities.

      The way my state (and your former state) is going I’m packed and ready!

    11. Dan from Madison Says:

      @Bill – pretty much. By the way that is PenGun on the left in the video.

    12. PenGun Says:

      When the Elephant goes down the whole world will be taken down too. Not much doubt about that.

      Without the depth of fundamental problems that the US has, Canada for instance should recover fairly fast.

    13. Will Says:

      Canada may get a breather, but the locusts (who have an uncanny ability to sense dwindling resources) will be headed North like prairie fire. Naturally, you’ll welcome the refugees warmly.

    14. Michael Kennedy Says:

      If Romney wins, and I am slightly more optimistic, the recovery will prove that capitalism and conventional economics (which ended in 1933) are coming back. Whether it will be in time, I don’t know. I have to be careful with my kids because they will have to live through it. At least I taught my daughters to shoot. One carries a 40 caliber Glock.