Chicago Tax Day Tea Party, April 16, 2012, Daley Plaza, Noon

April 12, 2012

Contact: Eric Kohn
Communications Director, Chicago Tea Party


CHICAGO – Concerned citizens are set to gather at noon on Monday, April 16 at Daley Plaza at 50 W. Washington to protest out of control spending, unsustainable deficits and the unprecedented growth of government. People will come together in downtown Chicago, where the tea party movement began, to hold politicians of both parties accountable, stop runaway spending and defend individual liberty and free markets.

“We are concerned with the direction of our country and our state,” said Chicago Tea Party Communications Director Eric Kohn. “The only solutions being offered from politicians in Washington and Springfield are higher taxes, more spending and massive debt. We will continue to fight for less government, more freedom and fiscal responsibility on tax day and every day through the November election.”


What: Chicago Tax Day Tea Party
Where: Daley Plaza, 50 W. Washington St., Chicago
When: Noon – 2PM, Monday, April 16

U.S. Conressman, Joe Walsh, IL-8th District
Wisconsin Lieutenant Governor Rebecca Kleefisch
Dana Loesch, CNN Contributor, Co-Founder St. Louis Tea Party
Denise Cattoni, State Director, Illinois Tea Party
Joel Pollak, Editor-in-Chief,
Dan Proft, WLS-AM 890 Host
David From, State Director, Americans for Prosperity Illinois
Contact Eric Kohn at 773-209-3435 for press availability with the speakers.

There will be shirts for sale at the 4th annual Tax Day Tea Party Rally, including the above design from Bob Black.

4 thoughts on “Chicago Tax Day Tea Party, April 16, 2012, Daley Plaza, Noon”

  1. Awww crap! I’d love to show up on Monday but it also happens to be the opening day of the spring wild turkey hunting season for the northern zone.

    Hope you understand. Give them my best, especially Proft.

    Gobble Gobble : )

  2. Demand a public “Thank You” from elected officials on all levels for taxpayer’s hard work through the 2011. We never get thanked for our contribution to the national prosperity. I was thinking about this while traveling on business last week. Every private company I dealt with thanked me for my business and I thanked them. The pilots on the plane thanked me, the parking valet, hotel clerk, truck stop diner hostess, and others all thanked me. I thanked my client and he returned the compliment.

    If Obama can ask for more taxes as “Fairness”, the we are owed at least a public “Thank you”. Our income taxes are touted as a “voluntary compliance” system and we should be thanked.

    Get your mayors, representatives, governors and federal officials in this habit and they might realize it’s not their money in the first place.

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