6 thoughts on “Around Chicago April 2012”

  1. which is the ibm building? which is the aon building? who is aon? which is trump building?

    i’m from the suburbs of pittsburgh and i am unfamiliar with downtown real estate in any city. don’t go near them.

    btw, which cities are the subject of these pix?

    sorry i’m so stupid. born that way.

  2. The black building is IBM. They actually used the same artistic aesthetic for their mainframes, typewriters, etc… at the time when this was built in the 60’s. The Trump building is the one next to it that is circular with the spire on top.

    The “pointy” building in the lower section is the new Prudential building. It was built in the 90’s. The tall white square building that looks kind of like the world trade center buildings (but smaller) is the Aon building. It used to be the standard oil building, then became Amoco after a merger, then BP took over and fired everyone. Then it became Aon, but now they are moving to London so who knows.

    This is downtown Chicago.

  3. That is the bridge over the river at Wabash Street. The tower is where guys sit to watch for boat traffic – if the boat is too tall, they need to raise the bridge with the best technology the 19th century had to offer.

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