7 thoughts on “Moonrise over the Guajito”

  1. How nice to have a veranda with such a beautiful view. I can feel myself relaxing & my blood pressure dropping as I imagine myself sitting with your folks looking at that moon!


    Susan lee

  2. It’s a lovely place – my parents built the house the first time themselves: when it burned to the ground, they came right back to the site and lived in an RV until the rebuild was finished. My mother and I sat out – with the wine, and the classical music most every night that I was there. Dad kept a pair of powerful binoculars out there – sometimes you could see eagles and hawks flying down below. And cattle down in the valley – it’s part of a ranch, and will never be developed. Mom loves the place to distraction, and will stay there no matter what.

  3. I’m a native Californian – been all over (although never to the Salton Sea for some reason) – thought I knew the state (at least before it dissolves into financial insolvency) – was trying to see where “Guajito” was ;-)

    My guess – around Hemet or Escondido?

  4. It’s up behind Valley Center, away up in the hills beyond Escondido, and it’s also spelled ‘Guejito. There’s a road that leads into it, off from the Lake Wohlford Road, but I think it must peter out into an unpaved road after a bit. I’d always meant to hike down into it from my parent’s place – but the hard slog would be coming back uphill from it on foot. There are some nice horse trails though – and some of my parents’ neighbors told me it was a nice ride!

  5. It sure is pretty country.

    Tell your parents to keep it a secret and don’t tell outsiders exactly where it is ;-)

    Those who have never really been to California think it is all one big urban sprawl.

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