Where Sgt. Mom Spent Sunday Afternoon…

At the world-renown Buda Wiener Dog Races!

It was a dog-friendly event …

Lots of wiener dogs …

Although, there were many who weren’t – they were just along for the fun of it.

This amiable doggie is a ‘Pegeale’ … or what happens when a Pekinese and a Beagle get together.
And that was my Sunday – yours?

7 thoughts on “Where Sgt. Mom Spent Sunday Afternoon…”

  1. Well Sgt – my Sun was a bit more sedate – every Sunday my moviephile friend and his girlfriend host a series on something he considers well-written and timeless.

    We have gone through Babylon 5 , Buffy the Vampire Slayer, Dexter (at least through Season 4), and now Rumpole.

    Actually this is the 2nd time I have sat through the entire Rumpole festival (takes a dedicated commitment – it spanned from 1978-1992 I think) – but it is just as great the 2nd time.

    Question – What did Phyllida see in Erskin-Brown? (talk about an odd couple!)
    Why did Rumpole refer to her as Portia?
    Who is “Dodo” (and perhaps, why do you care?)
    How does the British legal system differ from the American?

    All answered….with patience.

    After our 4 episodes we always walk the mile to the Starbucks with our dogs –

  2. What would make that Dachshund race the best is to have some announcer in his best Santa Anita (or Pimlico or Saratoga) voice saying “…. and there’s Schatzie coming up from the rear – Fritz is falling behind, with Hans still in front!

  3. (giggle) No, we didn’t see anyone recognizably from the current Administration, checking out the pooches and licking their lips.
    This is the fifteenth time they have had the Wiener Dog races, and it’s getting pretty big – but all organized by the local Lions chapter. There were dog owners from all over the States, and Canada, too. There were a lot of little businesses on Main Street, which had gone dog-friendly for the weekend. We talked to the couple with the seven wiener-dogs, all on leashes – and suggested that they had enough for a miniature dog-sled.
    There was a race announcer who did a patter pretty much like that – except that the race course was too short for him to do much of it!

  4. Well I don’t think your Texas experience is complete until you have attended the Sweetwater Rattlesnake Roundup.

    I stayed in an old motel there on the way to my friend in Waco, and they had a stuffed rattlesnake there – the middle girth was like an average man’s thigh.

    I think these days they catch them and then let them go although I am not sure.

    Then there is the jumping frogs of Calavaras County (Angel’s Camp). Here years ago you had a bunch of bored miners who decided o race some frogs; Mark Twain popularized it and now it’s so commercial it is ridiculous.

    I think we need a CA Frog Racing Commission now ;-)

  5. Something funny I noticed years ago during my Army days in Germany – Dachshunds are much more popular there (of course I am speaking from 40 years ago; who knows today?) – but I would give them my hand to let them sniff it and then I could pet them – and the little suckers would try to bit it more often than not – whether German Dachshunds were nastier I can’t say – but a few times trying this and I gave it up.

    They were original bred for hunting out badgers; perhaps the German variety has stayed more to its roots ;-)

    The long-haired version is a lot more popular there, too. You hardly see them over here.

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