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  1. Such as my two year old shorthair. The one who located a skunk in an oat field last evening and proceeded to attack with the same vigor he uses when taking on the local groundhogs. Pwew, he got sprayed worse than any dog in my experience, though the bloody remains of the skunk are awaiting the vulture’s dinner hour. Three treatments of skunk-off solutions barely make a dent in the smell, so he’s a fine candidate for outdoor dog for the time being.

  2. When I took my dog in for grooming last week I noticed on the shelf there is a special “de-skunk” solution – the groomer says it works pretty good unless the dog has sniffed the skunk solution – then you are in for a stinky time for a while – they can’t get it out of the nasal cavity

  3. When I was twelve or thirteen I was out walking with Sam and Ring. They were both just ahead of me on the trail walking at a normal pace. Suddenly, both took off as though the green flag had dropped. I followed as fast as possible and as I came over a small rise, both beasts were backing up violently and we all collided. When I got back toward the house, my mother shouted from the kitchen window; “stay right there!” Stripping naked in the backyard was the second humiliation that day. School was still in session, and I had to attend the following day. Weeks later, she assured me the smell was undetectable. Trouble was, for the entire summer, I smelled skunk at all times, and always felt as though everyone else could also. The dogs, both year-round outsiders, seemed to suffer the ordeal much better than I.

  4. Tomato juice is pretty good anti-skunk. My partner in practice was demonstrating one time how he used to catch skunks and remove their scent glands. That was allegedly how he supported himself when in pre-med. We made him ride home on the bumper.

  5. Try this for a de-skunking shampoo:
    1 Qt 3% Hydrogen Peroxide
    1/4 cup baking soda
    1 teaspoon liquid soap

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