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  • Have you seen our dog?

    Posted by Jonathan on May 13th, 2012 (All posts by )

    what you lookin at



    6 Responses to “Have you seen our dog?”

    1. Bill Brandt Says:

      That’s a funny looking dog…..or cat….or something.

    2. Michael Kennedy Says:

      I once had a dog that ugly. He had a tumor in the middle of his tail.

    3. Robert Schwartz Says:

      That is a cat, not a dog, right?

    4. Sgt. Mom Says:

      Whatever it is, cat or dog – it seems to leave bright, lemon-colored round droppings…

    5. xenophon Says:

      This is indisputably a hybrid of the Alien from James Cameron’s “Aliens” movie. It’s the result of the genetic scrambling of Tabby Cat, Xenomorph and Citrus Evergreen DNA. The telltale sign is the acidic fruit egg. God help us if this Acidomorftabby lays more lemons! We may be doomed. Yet our economy may lay us waste as well.

    6. Jeff the Bobcat Says:

      I really hope that is a stuffed animal. Otherwise, I may never go to the beach again…