Dear Google

Dear Google:

It’s been over a year since you acquired the Blogger product line. I use blogger at Photon Courier (or try to) and it’s becoming increasingly difficult due to very frequent performance problems. Trying to use Blogger Comments at other weblogs is also an often-painful experience.

Presumably, you acquired Blogger based on some theory about how you were going to make money with it. How do you think you are going to do this when you are alienating your customer franchise, or at least the most serious part of it?

Integrating acquisitions is hard, but I would think this one would fall on the relatively “easy” end of the scale. What happens when you try to do a really difficult one? This experience does not fill me with confidence as to your abilities in the acquisition arena….

7 thoughts on “Dear Google”

  1. I have had loads of trouble with Blogger over the last couple of weeks. They seem to have fixed their servers. I would appreciate a little more honesty on their “blogger status” page. Perhaps realistic expectations of the length of outages rather than promises they can’t keep. I suspect I’m going to have to move. I hate to do it, but yesterday and today have been very trying. I lost a post, and nothing pisses me off more than that.

    Blogger comments are a joke. They’re cumbersome & slow. And automatically filter out non-blogger id comments unless you set anonymous. Haloscan is much better.

  2. Chicagoboyz gave up on Blogger almost two years ago and has never looked back. Switching is a pain, but once you get it over with your life will be easier.

  3. I’ve had blogger problems, also. From the best that I can tell, they’re offering free blogs so that eventually people will place AdSense on them, or at least the very few that will acquire substantial hits. I’m hoping they don’t go for a “for pay” system, but if they do, I’d pay for it, but I need to see more features and less downtime.

  4. So it’s not just my imagination. Dang. That’s actually bad news.

    Blogger has frustrated me time and again. I’ve grown increasingly frustrated, as you can see from the posts that did manage to get through:

    I was hoping that Blogger would let me blog casually… I would just post without a second thought. I thought it would work as reliably as Gmail or the comment threads on established sites.

    Wrong. Now, I type out my entries in MS Word,
    I paste them into the blogger interface,
    I wait for it to upload (hopefully),
    I check my main page,
    I go back and make corrections due to the inexplicable liberties Blogger took with my work (e.g. missing paragraphs.)

    Odd. Frustrating. But I’m not about to take days off of work to become a web wiz.

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