DC Zoning and Government Growth

Chicagoboyz community member Robert Schwartz emails:

I read an article today that really set me to thinking. Here are the title and a brief clip:
Is It Time for D.C. to Grow Up?: Growth Prompts a Rethinking of Law That Limits Washington Building Heights” by Eliot Brown in The Wall Street Journal on May 26, 2012 at page A3:

This dwindling supply of space in central Washington comes amid growth in the office sector over the years and a population that is back on the rise after decades of decline. Washington’s population has grown 8% since 2000 to more than 600,000, adding an estimated 46,000 residents, as young people in particular have flocked to live there.

The article discusses proposed changes to the DC zoning ordinances so that more office space and high-rise condos could be added to the area north of the Mall and between the White House and the Capitol.
I devoted a few seconds of rumination to the architectural issue, before it hit me. What the article says is that all of the country’s wealth and power are being concentrated in the Imperial Capital. The real problem is not building heights, it is the concentration of political power. I think we need a meme or slogan to carry us through to November, and through the subsequent campaign to re-establish constitutional government in the United States. So here is my suggestion:
Vote Republican — Send the Recession to Washington
Your thoughts are welcome. So are bumper sticker designs.

7 thoughts on “DC Zoning and Government Growth”

  1. As EUrophiles begin to govern us, so will the political capital become the only capital, as London, Paris, etc. are for EUropean countries. The end of federalism, begun under FDR and accelerated by revenue sharing, is nearly complete.

  2. And the unemployment rate is about 1/3 of the nations.

    The silver lining is they are putting themselves out of business at the State Level by Union intransigence, nationally by bankrupting the nation and debauching our currency. That’s one Hell of a reach for good news.

  3. The only rezoning for DC that I’d support would be that they had to knock down some of those buildings.

  4. @veryretired – you know there is a lot of sense to that. One pundit, years ago, said that if the news networks really wanted to get more in touch with their (rapidly depleting) audience, they would move from Manhattan to the Midwest – Dallas –

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