31 thoughts on “Here’s Something You Won’t See at <a>Manolo’s Shoe Blog</a>”

  1. Dude. Feel the power. Your blogging will improve 1000%. I blog with confidence like never before. Strong, silent men respect me and women cannot resist my aura. Fame and fortune are mine.

    Just toe it.

  2. Ninja, shminja. Those things are lame. Do you want to follow fashion or lead it? Real men are secure enough to wear their ‘flops with socks. Mark my words: floppin’ & sockin’ is where fashion will be in 6 months, and you heard it here first.

  3. I hauled out my wide, colorful selection of classic flip-flops at the first sign of (relatively) warm spring weather. God’s own foot wear. (Looks like you’re wearing the classics in this pic. I don’t approve of flip-flop revisionism.)

    I do not, however, do socks. I match my toe nail polish to my flip-flops.

  4. I, too, prefer the free-ranging foot to the one incarcerated by socks… but, and this is a key factor: Males with furry legs often have equally furry feet. I’m sure Jon wanted to show off his blogging gear without making people wonder where he had found a Sasquatch and how he had convinced it to wear human footwear. ;)

    So, with this information, I am satisfied. Socks w/ flops isn’t really all that comfortable to wear, but it is more comfortable on the eyes. Thanks Jon.

  5. “I do not, however, do socks. I match my toe nail polish to my flip-flops.”

    Well, you’re female. I would not want to see the male of my species do such a thing. (Especially the nail polish!)

    Leather boots should still be in style for manly footwear. Or at least sneakers.

  6. Mal,

    I was concerned that my physical beauty would overshadow the elegance of my footwear. Also, ever since a certain ghastly windsurfing incident I am reluctant to expose my feet to light.


    Good point. I have emailed the Manolo.

    BTW, I am thinking that if I remove the toes from my socks I could paint my nails. This could be another new fashion.

  7. I see that Manolo has responded, for which I am honored. He and I will just have to agree to disagree, I guess.

  8. The flip-flops and white athletic socks help me place you in time and space.

    I just bought a pair of flip-flops that also speak volumes about what generation I belong to. And once the temperature here in Minnesota goes above 40 degrees, I’ll be rockin’ them every day.

  9. jon (assuming the feet are jon’s)….one word for you: anti-dude!

    hmmm, wonder if there might be a market for flip-flop-form-fitting, big-toe-segregated socks.

  10. dudes, you all act like socks and flip-flops are mutually exclusive. check out the toeless socks by sanuk, available at many southern california surf shops.


    sometimes the temperature dives below 70 but hovers above 55–it’s too hot for aussie dogs but our insteps, heels, and ankles must be warmed. jonathan, at $9/pair, you can’t afford NOT to wear these.

    hang loose.

  11. The Manolo, he must be respected!

    Do not dare to call down the wrath of the blogging gods upon you. Repent NOW, heathen!

  12. Every pair I own is black. The matching nailpolish would be Goth rather than metro, if Goths would leave the house in what I am of the age to call zorries, rather than flip-flops.

  13. There are ninja socks that allow for the big toe only to seperate from the rest of the toes. My friend had a pair in high school, five years ago or so. And this is in middle-of-nowhere Wisconsin.

    Hot look tho. Cheers.

  14. I’m with Manolo on this one.

    Frankly, chaps.. men with nail polish on toes matching the flip flops (though Manolo may not be with me on THIS one I suspect) is EASILY much more likely to be an admired ‘look’ in 6 months than THIS cringeworthy non-effort. I can only hope the ill-advised prediction of imminent trendiness to be a postmoder ironic stunt.. fie on you sir for giving false hope to style-challenged fratboys!

  15. WHY didn’t I get the memo? I’m still wearing my FUZZY BUNNY slippers to blog in! I feel so lost!

  16. No worries! Keep wearing those bunny slippers. Another few months and they’ll be in fashion again.

  17. Well, here’s what I am offering those willing… Sol Socks are fleece socks that are made for flip-flops. I know tabi socks have been around longer than feet but noone else makes them with fleece. I agree that flip-flops are meant to be worn sans socks but when it is below freezing and you want to pretend you’re still living in the summer what can you do?
    (And don’t say put on shoes) http://www.solsocks.com

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