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  1. Is this from the Planet of the Apes episode where the apes sieze control from their human overseers?

  2. Cue the David Attenborough voice!

    Here we see a member of modern Homo Sapiens keeping a wary eye on her young as a specimen of Homo Suburbanus forages nearby. Although H. Suburbanus is generally a peaceful and harmless creature, the males of the species have been known to charge at certain stimuli such as the sound of a beer can being opened, the scent of barbecue, or the sight of certain sporting events. And, of course, the presence of an attractive female of the species can make them wildly unpredictable.

    The fact that H. Suburbanus is a more primitive example of the genus (at least when compared to H. Sapiens) can be seen by his hunched posture, and the large amount of hair covering the upper back and shoulders, as in this specimen.

  3. The Homo Suburbanus depicted here appears to be of a different branch in the Homo Suburb species. This distinct line is more hairy than the typical H.Suburbanus and is referred to in treatises as Hirsute Homo Suburbanus. Of course, when properly stimulated by the onlooking mate, they may also be referred to as Hirsute Homo Suburbanus Erectus….

  4. Ok..well if no one else is going to mention it..

    That is one HELL of a nice driveway…your neighbors too….

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