Wisconsin / Stalingrad

Mr. Walker’s victory is the Stalingrad of the Left.

They sought this recall election.

They chose to fight here.

They made it into a symbol and a do-or-die fight.

They threw everything they had into it.

And they lost it all.

Hubris led to Nemesis, to catastrophe.

The tide has turned.

On to Kursk.

On to Berlin.

On to November.

32 thoughts on “Wisconsin / Stalingrad”

  1. I am putting up with a bunch of b.s. from my kids so I can stay up and watch Scott Walker’s speech and raise a glass or two to my governor. What an absolute wipeout.

  2. I probably shouldn’t, but I think I will have one more drink tonight before bed.

    Scotch (Famous Grouse) over ice with just a splash of bitter tears of liberal regret.


  3. Also, unlike McCain in 2008, who got suckered into taking the Federal Campaign limit, and ended up severely outgunned; I expect Romney have the resources to prepare the attack as Zhukov did, and make the rubble bounce.

  4. @Helian – well done!
    @Chris – yes, have one more. I am having “one” until Governor Scott Walker speaks tonight. It is a good night for “one” more.

    Tom Barrett just conceded. I think “one” more. Work is going to be long tomorrow.

  5. Wisconsin is certainly “in-play” this November. Considering Obama won it by 14%, that is shocking.

  6. On Wisconsin! If they might fall in November (and that’s a serious possibility now), Michigan, Iowa, Ohio and Pennsylvania can’t be looking too good for the Blue Team right about now.

  7. One wonders how much the margin would have been without all the illegal voting – heard the Dems brought in busloads of union activists from outside the state to vote

  8. Doug in SD: Have you forgotten McCain suspended his campaign to concentrate on “saving” the country after the Lehman Brothers debacle? He was competitive, gaining on Obama after the Convention. Then he pulled a Perot and acted like a headless chicken. Instead of owning up to the misstep, his campaign manger accused Palin of going rogue for not supporting the suspension.

    McCain’s stupidity has more to do with his losing than with his having less money.

  9. This may represent an instance in which the left’s emphasis on ideology above all else openly betrayed them.

    They were so sure of their rhetoric about all the negatives that would follow from Walker’s proposals that they couldn’t recognize that many positives actualy were taking shape. A good part of the citizenry seems to have noticed, however.

    In addition, the various public union members who were assumed by the left to be committed to unionism now turn out to be largely disinterested in belonging to, and paying dues to, the union bodies that thought they had a solid base of support.

    When all that exists for you is a cloud of ideology, reality comes as a disturbing shock.

  10. And the Democratic Party gets so much of their money from union contributions – all funded by the taxpayer.

  11. Ironic analogy, as I was saying last year about ObamaCare: “You can’t take Moscow without putting Berlin at risk”. ObamaCare was a play for ALL the marbles — to, as Anthony Kennedy said, fundamentally change the relationship between a US citizen and their government, to change it radically in favor of the statist Democrats, and to change it with permanence. THe Dems knew that, full bore, hence their absolute deperation to ram it through by any means necessary.

    Now we have arrived at the Volga. And like Stalingrad, not only might this be the beginning of a titanic reversal for liberalism, but if Romney wins, and gets the House and Senate (not at all out of the question), I guarantee you that, after ObamaCare, after Wisconsin, after Occupy, the GOP will be in no jolly mood for business as usual.

    They’ll go for Berlin. And times, they will get interesting-er and interesting-er.

  12. Not Stalingrad, Borodino. Napoleon captured the field and scattered the Russians but he paid way too much for that victory.

    Never have so many conservatives, spent so much money, to preserve such a second rate politician.

    The liberals may not be smiling today, but they should be.

  13. I too chuckle at the whistling-past-the-graveyard of Evil NYC. I’d say the resources expended in Wisconsin is just the awareness that conservatives can successfully employ the enemy’s strategy/tactics against him. Just as the Sovs took the German concept of mobile war, improved the tools (T34, e.g.) then added the overwhelming VOLUME of those improved tools, I see conservatives have taken Progressive weapons/tactics and turned themn against their holders. Borodino? Ha. That was a stretchg to find that one.

    Now I wonder…where is a Kursk salient? A place we can encourage the progs to deploy their last/best shot then set a deep, deep belt into which they can sliced…then jsut as they reach the end of their resources…counteroffensive. Zhukov was, IMO, a very under-rated strategist, although he did have the advantage of the Soviet nonchalance over casualty reports. Like US Grant, all he did was win.

  14. “The liberals may not be smiling today, but they should be.”

    Of course. Those lefties are such gracious losers, don’t you think?

  15. Michael,

    Governor O’Malley has now extended his tax increases to $100k for singles and 150k for couples. I guess he is trying to drive out the rest of Marylanders with jobs. It starts with the 1% and goes from there. Glad I moved out 14 years ago, in part because of Maryland politics.

    On Wisconsin, as a native Badger, I would say that neutral voters decided that the recall was unjust and didn’t like paying for all the extra elections. I’m not sure that will translate to November. Plus the GOP has lost control of the state Senate for the time being.

  16. “On Wisconsin, as a native Badger, I would say that neutral voters decided that the recall was unjust and didn’t like paying for all the extra elections. I’m not sure that will translate to November. Plus the GOP has lost control of the state Senate for the time being.”

    I agree with the sentiment that a large portion of voters voted with Walker in protest to, well, all of the b.s. As far as the GOP losing control of the Senate, there will be a recount in that last close race. Even if it does swing D, there is no legislative business until next year unless Walker calls a special session (which he might do to fix this totally broken recall process). 16 Senate seats are up for election in November. With redistricting, it is almost certain that the R’s will claim the Senate back.

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