Survey: Tablets vs. Smartphones

Online Media Daily:

However, the age composition of audiences showed that tablet users skewed noticeably older than smartphone users. For both devices, the heaviest overall audience concentration was between the ages of 25-44. Compared to smartphone owners, tablet users were 28% more likely to be in the 65 and older age segment, and 27% less likely to be age 18-24.

Comment: It’s the presbyopia, Stupid? Most Web sites and viewing screens appear to be designed by and for people with 20-year-old eyes.

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  1. On the other hand, tablets are more expensive than phones, and have less in the way of carrier subsidies available to them. And yes the eyes have it too.

  2. Or old people with short sight. My Galaxy S2 is perfect when I look over my glasses. Read books and use the web on it and I’m 65.

  3. Yes, a big flaw with much visual tech nowadays is that it doesn’t accommodate people of any age who have poor eyesight, in particular farsighted people as well as nearsighted ones who use contact lenses.

  4. I could go on a bodacious rant about web page designs, but won’t. So many pages are designed for a minimum resolution of 1024X768. I use 800X600 almost 100% of the time. I hate horizontal scrolling to read lines of text, and can’t read the text easily if I shift to *their* designated default to avoid the scroll. Some sites demand even higher resolutions to display properly.
    Too bad they are shoving us old farts out the door by making their sites so unfriendly to those who have ‘aged’ sight. They make no friends, and have a negative influence on ‘word of mouth’ advertising. Simply ignoring the customer is not the way to success.
    Even here, some of the pictures get the right half(?) buried under the comment column, and I have to open images in a new tab or window to see them fully.
    As Archie Bunker is reputed to have said, “There oughta be a law…”
    As I say, “thanks for nothing…”

  5. Well, did it again. Got so carried away that I forgot the original topic.
    I purchased a 7″ tablet to be able to read electronic books without being tethered to a laptop or a desktop. I figure if it breaks in a year, I’ve gotten my $60 worth of reading as I bought it on sale from Fry’s.
    Sort of wish there was a GPS gizmo installed and Google Maps application worked. As of now, it loads, shows a map for a flash, and announces it has ended ‘unexpectedly’. Wonder if it was programmed in the White House, where so so so many ‘unexpected’ things occur…
    I will likely buy a better unit next time, but wanted to experiment without making a largish investment. Still have to get a cell phone, and find the service using others’ to be horrible. Terrible audio, with dropouts and slurring, and that is if the connection stays up. Cannot imagine doing any ‘tablet’ stuff with a cell phone. Screen too small, as usual.

  6. Tom,

    I’ll probably update the look and feel of this blog eventually. I’m torn between not fixing what isn’t broken and making the blog more readable on small screens.

  7. J,
    Don’t bother on my account. If you have better things to do, by all means do them. My assertions are directed at places where you cannot read. Pictures? I can open the jpg or ??? in another tab or window should I desire to see it totally.
    thanks for your site. It is enjoyable to read thoughtful and varied topics.

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