“The life of a ‘booth babe’…”

Ha, ha, ha.

So, for the young ladies involved, how is this different than going to a club, except that 1) they get paid to do it, 2) it’s quieter and 3) all things considered, they probably meet a better class of men? It’s true that there is less dancing at trade shows and the guys aren’t buying the women drinks, but the point stands.

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7 thoughts on ““The life of a ‘booth babe’…””

  1. One time my wife was at a convention in her legitimate company role and someone came up to her and asked if she wanted to be part of an online “hot or not” type program that evaluated all the booth babes at the show. She said no but I for one thought it was good she was asked.

  2. The car show booth babes are something else – and generally the duller the car the more provocatively dressed the booth babe.

    The all-time “high” point ad to be at an early 60s London Auto Show where – to get attention to a Hillman, Morris Minor or equally dull car – they just had a blond parading – nude. The picture (which I can’t find on the web) showed dozens of men surrounding the car platform and looking at….predictably her ;-)

    I would imagine that there is a science to dressing booth babes – you want to draw attention to your product but you also want eyes to eventually look at your product ;-)

  3. The air conditioning is kept pretty c-c-c-COLD at at lot of these shows, and a certain level of skimpiness of dress would seem to violate the Geneva Convention.

  4. I cannot sympathize at all. If you don’t like it, be a waitress. You will only be able to sell your looks for a few years, so do it while you can and quit whining.

    Also, if men are buying drinks for women they just met they are chumps.

  5. A friend of mine married a “booth babe” some years ago. She had a few odd talents, such as unbuckling your belt with her toes. She was very pretty and had a sparkling personality but the marriage didn’t last. He had jilted another woman when he married April (her name) and eventually he got back to the other woman and they married. They’ve been married now for 25 or 30 years. The booth babe had, so to speak, knocked him off his feet. Apparently a terrific presentation but not the substance behind the facade. Sort of like the exhibits at a car show.

  6. >>>>>>> “and the guys aren’t buying the women drinks,”


    >>>> “make $100 to $170 per day”

    Yeah they are, albeit indirectly. Or a nice dress and a pair of shoes… or paying their electric bill for the month. Or pretty much anything the girls want with their money.

  7. *Some* actually know the product and can converse intelligently about pros and cons. There’s always a surprise. Of course, I haven’t been to any shows in a number of years, so that may be old news. As I was a computer person, it !always! surprised me to meet an attractive young lass, not necessarily in cocktail dress uniform, who actually worked on the product, understood it, and was able to inform. Their attraction numbers multiplied the more they knew… in my mind anyway.

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