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Just found out about a most excellent site called Strange Reaction. It has MP3s of many great punk rock oldies. We have Henry Rollins covering Wire’s Ex Lion Tamer. Aging Chicago punks will recall the Effigies Best of all, I heard once again that mighty punk anthem The Enemy by DOA . The greatest punk rock guitar of all time? I think maybe yeah. Blistering solo. Punk rock, with hooks that make you punch your fist in the air, not hardcore. This song was their finest moment, and unlike most of their songs, appears to contain no cussin’.

Dudes. It took me back.

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3 thoughts on “Groovy Punk Rock Archive”

  1. Long ago, back in the day, when Ebay was but a twinkle in Meg Whitman’s resume, I worked at a Chicago bar called Exit. Earl the bartender was the guitarist for The Effigies, cool guy Earl was. They played a set at the bar one night, perfect setting to hear them, and I helped set up the “stage”. After the set, I grabbed the taped-down songlist they worked from. Unfortunately for me, that songlist list got lost in one of my many single-life, household moves. Today, I would imagine an artifact like that would bring at least a cool half-a-mil on the Bay. (Not that I would think of selling, mind you)

  2. The boyfriend of one of the bass player for my wife’s band used to go to Exit all the time to dance all by himself, wearing leather pants and bandanas tied all over himself. Tall skinny nutty looking blond guy. Forget his name. Late 80s.

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